Center for Justice and Crime Prevention: Researcher

The Center for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Mowbray, Cape Town, which aims to develop, inform and promote crime and violence prevention policy and practice in South Africa and other selected developing countries.

CJCP seeks to appoint a Researcher, based in Cape Town.

This is a three year position, subject to performance and funding.


Police Intimidation Continues in Swaziland

Swaziland Police have harassed another progressive, Sifiso Mabuza, deputy secretary of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers.

About 30 armed police raided his home claiming they were looking for explosives, where they found none. Mabuza told local media the police questioned him about his union activities and threatened him.

Swaziland has a history of attacking workers' rights. It has banned the workers' federation, the Trades Union Congress of Swaziland, broken up its meeting and harassed and arrested its leaders.

Call to Intensify Fight Against HIV

Tutu says the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa is not over and people need to recommit themselves to eradicating the virus.

In a pre-recorded message at a Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) briefing in Johannesburg, Tutu pointed out that, "AIDS is not over while one person still needs ARV antiretroviral medicines, or dies of tuberculosis."

He said it is not over until the evils that drive HIV, like rape and violence against women and children, are defeated.

NGO Leader Shot in Cape Town

Ses'khona People's Rights Movement chairperson, Andile Lili, is reportedly in a critical condition after being shot four times on 5 November 2014 in Khayelitsha.

Ses'khona spokesperson, Sithembele Majova, points out that the movement is devastated by the news, and also found it strange that the shooting happened on the eve of a planned march to Parliament and the African National Congress offices over the high rate of unemployment.

ISS: Farm Killings Not Politically Motivated

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has refuted some reports which claim that farm attacks are racially motivated.
The ISS study has found that most attacks are motivated by greed and not by racial intolerance.
ISS senior researcher, Johan Burger, states that the report could not find any evidence showing that violent crimes committed on farms and small holdings were motivated by race or class.

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation: Senior Psychosocial Professional

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is an innovator in preventing violence and building peaceful societies. The Centre adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace locally, continentally and globally.

CSVR seeks to appoint a Senior Psychosocial Professional, based in Johannesburg.

Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture: Project Manager

The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture (The Trauma Centre) is a human rights-based organisation providing prevention and early intervention services to people, organisations and communities affected by violence and torture. The organisation focused on self-directed, interpersonal and collective violence offering psychosocial support to survivors.

The Trauma Centre seeks to appoint a Project Manager for its Trauma Response Project, based in Woodstock, Cape Town


Former Teacher Stabs Principal

Principal Nothemba Lebepe was doing her routine praying ritual in her car when a former teacher allegedly smashed the window of her car with a hammer and stabbed her several times.

This was about six hours after the teacher, 42, had allegedly sent Lebepe, 52, an SMS threatening to put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
The teacher was expelled last year for having fake qualifications.

Gauteng education department spokesman Oupa Bodibe confirmed the teacher was expelled in 2015 for fraudulent qualifications.

​Refugees, Migrants: A Crisis of Solidarity

More than 60 million people have fled violence or persecution and are now refugees and internally displaced persons.
This September, the United Nations General Assembly will bring together world leaders to address one of the leading challenges of our time - responding to large movements of refugees and migrants.
According to the UN, war, human rights violations, underdevelopment, climate change and natural disasters are leading more people to leave their homes than at any time since it has reliable data.

SAHRC Condemns the Burning of Schools

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has condemned the burning of schools in the Vuwani District in Limpopo‚ which it says has affected tens of thousands of learners.
The SAHRC says official reports confirmed that 13 schools had been burnt through acts of arson while unofficial reports put the figure at 17 schools.


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