NGOs Seek Meeting Over Escalating Violence

A grouping of NGOs, under the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, say they are seeking an audience with mediating President Jacob Zuma, over the rising levels of violence and harassment in Zimbabwe.

Media and Communications Officer, Nixon Nyikadzino points out that they will use the South African Embassy in Harare, or their regional office in South Africa, to request a meeting with Zuma and members of his facilitation team.

Terre'blanche’s Killing Not Political – de Haas

Violence monitor and researcher, Mary de Haas, says at this stage there is no definite link between the killing of the Afrikaner Weerstands-beweging (AWB) leader Eugene Terre'blanche and the controversial song 'Shoot the Boer'.

De Haas says argues that it is inevitable that the public will draw such links, adding that in her involvement in farm killing research, there is no evidence of any concerted political strategy against farmers.


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NGO Services
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