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World Diabetes Day Commemorated

With almost 350 million people worldwide now suffering from diabetes, and the number expected to keep rising, the United Nations has called on governments and drug companies to ensure that sufferers have the care and treatment they deserve.

Secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, used his message for World Diabetes Day on World Diabetes Day, which is observed annually to raise awareness about the needs of people living with diabetes.

South African Invention Exhibited at United Nations by Smithsonian Institute

We are honoured to have been selected by the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum - Rockefeller Foundation Design with the other 90 percent cities to showcase the South African designed and patented plastic formwork construction technology as an innovative solution to address the unprecedented growth of informal settlements globally combined with skills transfer and job creation.

UN Praises ANC Over Democracy

The United Nations (UN) has described the African National Congress (ANC) as a movement and a tangible expression of a vision.

UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, points out that, "The power of the ANC lies not just in the numbers of people who vote for it, but the vision that it stands for.”

“The struggle for freedom, justice, human rights and against racism is a global battle. I see the ANC in the vanguard, not just in South Africa but throughout the continent and the globe," he explains.

Call for Tanzania to End Violence Against Children

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has encouraged Tanzania to urgently address the problem of violence against children.

UNICEF chief of child protection in Tanzania, Andrew Brooks, points out that, “Having had the courage to find out the scale and scope of violence against children in the country, the government now has the challenge of planning and delivering a proportionate response."

UN: COP17 Preparations on Track

The United Nations representatives say preparations for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) conference to be held in Durban, are going smoothly.

Conference coordinator, Salwa Dallalah, is quoted as saying that, “We are moving very well and we are on target. We will finish our work soon.”

A United Nations delegation, the departments of environmental affairs and international relations, and the city of Durban were briefing media on the state of readiness for the conference.

Millions of Children Do Dangerous Jobs - ILO

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) says that more than 115 million of the world's children and young teenagers, or more than seven percent of the total, are engaged in dangerous and life-threatening jobs.
The United Nations agency, which sets standards for employment around the globe, says in a report the industries involved range from mining and metalworking through farming and shoe-making to flower-growing and the banana industry.

Call for More Peacekeepers Ahead of Elections

A coalition of rights groups says the United Nations Security Council should send more peacekeepers to areas of Congo where rebels operate ahead of this year's presidential election.
In a press statement, the group of 47 international and Congolese organisations, led by Human Rights Watch (HRW), says it fears the brutal Ugandan-led Lord's Resistance Army will try to disrupt November 28 elections.

UN-Led Alliance Focuses on Youth and AIDS

A United Nations-led alliance has urged young people to change behaviours that increase their risk of contracting AIDS, and called on their elders to provide leadership, education and support.

The group released a report urging communities, leaders and young people to act to stop sex with multiple partners or with older partners, whose prevalence of HIV is statistically higher.

NGO Told to Channel Funds Through Fiscus

The Zimbabwean Government says all United Nations country team agencies should direct financial assistance to government through the fiscus rather than the current scenario where various disbursements modalities are being used.

Chief secretary to Cabinet and President Robert Mugabe, Misheck Sibanda, points out that Zimbabwe is no longer a classic humanitarian case, hence more financial and technical assistance should now be channelled towards developmental programmes.

SA Donation to Assist Libyan Refugees

South Africa has donated R2 million to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to assist refugees fleeing Libya.

Announcing the donation in Pretoria, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, called for a peaceful solution to the fighting in that country.

Nkoana-Mashabane also called for a stop to bombings by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces to allow an African Union delegation to visit the country in a bid to bring about a peaceful solution.


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