Agrarianisation or De-Agrarianisation in Eastern Cape? Implications to Employment Creation in the Agricultural Sector

There are a number of reasons why deagrarianisation (the move away from agricultural activities) is happening in the rural Eastern Cape. One is the flight of human capital to the urban centres leaving the old aged and the sick in rural areas. This flight of human capital is due to the lack of employment opportunities and income generation-related activities in rural areas.

Poor Countries Lack Assistance – World Bank

The World Bank says that three out of five people in the developing world lack a proper safety net to protect them from the shockwaves caused by the global financial crisis and rising commodity prices.

Announcing a new focus on social and labour protection, World Bank president, Robert Zoellick, pointed out that in the world's poorest countries 80 percent of the population were left without assistance during tough times.

FET College Sector Fails to Meet Great Expectations

Much has been expected from the Further Education and Training (FET) college sector. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) looks to it to provide the intermediate-level and artisanal skills to mitigate the shortage of people to fill positions available in the technicians and associated professionals occupational category and thereby massively alleviate unemployment.

The DHET recognises, however, that there is great unevenness in the college sector; some colleges (and some provinces) performing much better than others.

SA Youth Hopeless – NYDA Warns

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has warned that young people have lost hope for a better life due to rising unemployment.

NYDA chairperson, Andile Lungisa, points out that, "We are not going to have a bright future in this country if we don't start investing in youth development now"

Lungisa states that by 2025, this generation will be expected to carry the country forward, but it is a generation which was never assisted with skills; it is a generation that has lost hope.

Call for SA Promote Entrepreneurship

South Africa’s education system needs to promote entrepreneurship as a career if it is to succeed in creating employment opportunities for the country's young people.

Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year Competition project manager, Nimo Naidoo, points out that, "There is a great opportunity for our youth to choose entrepreneurship as a career and become job creators rather than job seekers."

No Silver Bullet for CSI Success, But a Plan Helps

In my keynote address to the 2012 Serious Social Investing workshop, I noted that no singular national corporate social investment (CSI) plan or body can replace the need for well-defined strategies and the nuance of multi-faceted development.

Social investment long ago moved away from the ‘heart of giving’ to the science of strategic social investment. How we go about this on a daily basis may seem challenging at times, especially in a country with such vast needs and opportunities.

Time for Economies that Contribute to Job Creation

The global economic crisis could derail plans by the developing countries to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1, target 1.B, of achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all, by 2015. The UN notes that the deterioration of the labour market, triggered by the crisis, has resulted in a decline in employment. It further acknowledges the reality that as more jobs are lost, workers are being forced into vulnerable employment and that more workers find themselves and their families living in extreme poverty.

Call for Safety Net for the Poor

The issues on people’s minds hours before the 2012/13 National Budget ranged from interests in what he will do for the country, and what he is likely to deliver for individuals. This is according to an article by the New Age’s Gugu Myeni.

Myeni states that a few prickly points on South Africans’ minds include questions on how the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s plan will speak to President Jacob Zuma’s recently pronounced infrastructure development programme.

Arts and Crafts Ability to Uplift?

The arts and crafts sector is a major employer of probably one of the most diverse ranges of workers and designers, across all sectors of our population. As unemployment deepens, and people are exploring business ventures of their own, this sector is becoming a more interesting prospect, for them to either join an existing production unit, or else open up their own business. Fine art and design graduates are also eyeing out this sector, as people are spending more time at home, and spending more money on bespoke work for their homes, to make them unique and special spaces.

South Africa’s Job Targets Welcomed

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has praised South Africa’s decision to set job creation targets.

However, ILO is concerned that the country remains internationally uncompetitive, particularly against the Asian countries against which it competes with in terms of labour.

ILO South African director, Vic van Vuuren, says that amendments to SA’s labour legislation are taking too long to be finalised. Van Vuuren further states that the country’s labour laws do not require overhauls but rather that business and the government focus more directly on job creation.


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