African Governance is Improving too Slowly

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has become more famous for the award – or, more usually, the non-award – of its US$5 million annual prize for African leadership than for its Ibrahim Index on African Governance (IIAG).
It used to announce both at the same time, but the leadership prize inevitably stole the limelight from the governance index, despite the latter being a thorough and painstaking research effort.

Call for Govt to Monitor Youth Projects

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has called on the government to increase monitoring to ensure that projects aimed at empowering youth deliver the desired results.

NYDA chairperson, Andile Lungisa, points out that young people make up the majority of the population, but are the most affected by unemployment and underdevelopment, despite the government's commitments to include youth in skills development and job creation.

When MDGs are not Met, the Dignity of the Majority of African People is Seriously Undermined

Reliance on aid to guarantee our dignity through the Millennium Development Goals was a huge mistake, and raising more funds to bridge the resource gap without closing the leaking tap is like pouring water into a bucket full of holes.

Creating Wealth Through Indigenous Languages

Attempts to break the cycle of intergenerational transmitted poverty will never be successful as long as we disregard or underestimate the role and impact of indigenous languages in the educational, economic, social and cultural sectors of any society. These sectors often remain inaccessible to communities if they have to access it through a foreign language only or when products and services are only available in a foreign language. This is not only disempowering, but it entrenches the myth that indigenous languages are of lesser value.

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