Malawi Under Pressure From Aid Donors

President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, is under pressure from foreign aid donors and is facing a tough re-election battle.

Banda has promised forensic audit of suspected government corruption over the last decade.

She says the audit, which is backed by Britain and the European Union, will help reveal the extent of corruption in the impoverished southern African state.

Mokhobo’s Departure Raises Questions

The SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition (SOS) demand answers about the reason behind the resignation of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) group chief executive officer, Lulama Mokhobo.

The SABC has issued a statement, indicating that the reasons for her departure are ‘personal and confidential’.

SOS coordinator, Sekoetlane Phamodi, states that the broadcaster has been allowed to run in crisis and constant instability for far too long, with a high turnover in executive staff and board members in recent years.

Call for Financial Accountability in NGOs

The challenge by former Women for Change executive director, Emily Sikazwe, for the police to investigate leaders of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) accused of abusing donor money deserves serious attention.

Sikazwe made the call when she featured on one of the ZNBC TV interview programme, stating that, “We are cognisant of the fact that the NGOs play an important role in supplementing government efforts in the delivery of services to the people across the country.”

Petition to Impeach President Zuma

A petition has started to impeach President Jacob Zuma over his involvement in the Nkandla scandal.
The petition created by the Committee for the Impeachment of the President was put up on
The leaked report on Nkandla, illustrates that the President lied to the Parliament and benefitted from over 200 million rand of the publics money.
To read the article titled, “Petition to impeach Zuma over Nkandla,” click here.

NGO Urges Zuma Not to Sign Info Bill

The South African National Editors' Forum (SANEF) has urged President Jacob Zuma not to sign the Protection of State Information Bill (Secrecy Bill) into law in its current form.
In a press statement, SANEF states that it is concerned with the “…provisions that allow for broad classification of information, including that which has nothing to do with security of the state,” as well as delegating authority to ambiguous state officials to classify information.

Foundation Admits to Funding Breytenbach

The FW De Klerk Foundation is footing the hefty legal bill of senior prosecutor, Glynnis Breytenbach, partly by way of multimillion-rand donations from billionaire businessman, Nathan Kirsh.

The Foundation’s executive director, Dave Steward, admits that Kirsh, “…a major donor, also to our litigation fund, which has paid the legal fees of Glynnis Breytenbach.”

Steward explains that from this donations, the organisation also funds other projects, adding that the main project is Breytenbech’s litigation.

Global Integrity: Project Manager

Global Integrity is an innovation lab that produces high-quality research and creates cutting-edge technology to advance the work of a global network of civic, public, and private reformers pursuing increased transparency and accountability in governments. In addition to its core team, Global Integrity  collaborates with a global network of more than 1 500 in-country contributors and partners who take our technologies, tools, and information to where they are most useful – the local level.

CSOs and Accountability

I have attended many conferences, where various organisations provided attendees with well covered and attractive annual reports. These reports are also very often made available on their websites, making them accessible to a larger audience. This effort aimed at encouraging transparency and accountability is well-intended and applauded. It is essential that the nonprofit sector not only preach accountability, but also walk the talk, leading by example.

You Can Shape the Way We Bring Transparency to Public Sector Contracting

Corruption and inefficiency in government contracting will probably always be with us. But by introducing greater transparency in the the contracting process, we can dramatically reduce this burden. This idea is at the heart of Open Contracting, a movement to advocate for publishing of government contracts.


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