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Public Hearing Into Feasibility of Free Education

The Fees Commission of Inquiry looking into the feasibility of free tertiary education will resume with its public hearings on 22 August 2016 at the Mbombela Stadium in Mpumalanga.

The Council on Higher Education, which has recommended a six percent tuition fee hike for next year, and South African Students Congress which has vowed to oppose any tuition fee increase, are expected to make submissions.

Has the Door Opened for South Africa’s Youth?

The first Freedom Day, in 1994, marked a departure from 300 years of colonialism and official segregation in South Africa, and promised a future where the gulf between rich and poor would be no more. Today, this promise still exists but its star has faded somewhat. 19 years of democracy has yielded little change in the living conditions of millions of South Africans, and for many this star has all but disappeared.

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