Good Governance – Why Nonprofits Should Care, and Be Involved

When people organise communally to achieve a certain purpose, whether that purpose is to increase financial value for shareholders or to maximise social capital and quality of life for stakeholders, principles of governance will, at some stage, become material to the organisation’s ability to achieve that purpose in an ethical and sustainable manner.


The Paraffin Safety Association of Southern Africa (PASASA) will close its doors in mid-2013 to make room for a new initiative, the Household Energy Safety Association of Southern Africa (HESASA).

PASASA was formed in 1996 by the South African Petroleum Industry (SAPIA) and has been funded mostly through the industry’s corporate social investment programme. Its primary role was to ensure the safe use of paraffin in poor households.

Recruitment: The Long-Term Relationship or the One-Night Stand?

Every job has its highs and lows; joys and sorrows even for human resource (HR) professionals. As an HR generalist, I experiment in all areas of HR and must confess, I find it hard to get excited about writing up a job description or developing a policy about replacing the paper in the printer. But the sweet aint so sweet without the bitter and the sweet for me lies in recruitment.

Redefining Development: A New Role for Foundations

I have participated in endless conferences about the business of development. I have walked away more confused than ever by the sophisticated development speak and PowerPoint presentations. How has the global development industry succeeded in reducing the impassioned fight for freedom and human dignity to a search for single-issue solutions, typically technology or market based, that can be packaged neatly into fundable projects? How can we reverse this, and what role can foundations play?

Zuma Addresses the NPO Summit

In his address at the Nonprofit Organisations Summit, President Jacob Zuma focused on the importance of partnerships between the government and the nonprofit sector.

Zuma stated that this partnership is in pursuit of a common goal of building a better life for all people.

He added: “Given the size of the nonprofit sector and its potential, it is important for government to harness the power of the nonprofit organisations in tackling development challenges.”

SA Red Cross Forced to Close Its PTA Office

The South African Red Cross has been forced to close its head office in Pretoria and to retrench staff in a bid to stay afloat and to keep the wolves at bay.

Acting chief executive officer, Derick Naidoo, who admits to the problems at the organisation, points out that, “We are getting no funding from the government or from local donors, so we are putting in place a restoration process and will cut down on staff.”

Who is Responsible for Providing Essential Services to Women?

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa enshrines the rights of women to live free from violence. If that right is violated they have the right to recourse and to be protected from the consequences of that violence. If realised, this enables women to take up their lives again, to re-enter the economy or the education system and to continue to function within their communities thus preserving ‘the fabric of society’.


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