NGO Closes Due to Lack of Donor Funding

Streets Ahead, a Zimbabwean non-governmental organisation dealing with the rehabilitating of children living on the streets, has closed.

In a newspaper advertisement inserted by board members, the organisation states that it has already approached government to cancel its registration.

The advertisement reads: “The closure is a result of financial problems. We had been struggling for a long time because our sponsors from overseas have withdrawn funding. The donors' withdrawal has meant the suspension of our activities indefinitely.”

New Kids In the Block: HEI Café

Youth-driven and inspired ‘Hillbrow Entrepreneurship Initiative’ (HEI) has decided to walk the talk, and are taking their own spat in the innovative entrepreneurial space they advocate.
The nonprofit organisation, which is focused on encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in the 21st Century African socio-economic climate, has taken the plunge itself and opened the ‘HEI Partnership Café (HPC).

Sustain Africa Foundation: Members - Board of Advisors and Directors

Sustain Africa Foundation (SAF) is a nonprofit organisation that works to build and sustain Africa for generations to come by improving and sustaining the capacity of individuals, communities and countries through locally driven and sustainable solutions for human development.

Sustain Africa Foundation (SAF) seeks to appoint members for its Board of Advisors and Directors on voluntary basis.

Sustainable CSR and Mining in South Africa

We accept that not all corporate social responsibility (CSR) is undertaken voluntarily, and that companies are in some ways pressured by the need to comply with Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) legislation. The BEE legislation places an onus on companies to be circumspect in their internal and external operations so as to address the social and economic inequalities of their stakeholders. Companies are also encouraged to assist previously disadvantaged groups to take an active part in the South African economy. 

Accessing CSI Funding

The South African Growth Institute (SAGI) was established to bridge the gap between the private sector and the non-profit sector by providing NGOs with the necessary tools to creatively and effectively access funding from the private sector.

SAGI is hosting a special one-day seminar for NGOs in Gauteng on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 (08h00 - 15h30), at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Leveraging Latent Capital to Foster Sustainability

We are living through difficult times. Austerity measures by governments in Western Europe and North America have seen the coffers of local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) depleting. It has been widely discussed as a season of sustainability challenges for most NGOs. Owing to our reliance on foreign funding, austerity has apparently dented our sustainability. I, however, do not readily share into that perspective of sustainability. Perhaps the greatest challenge is defining sustainability itself. Yes, semantics can be the difference between survival of NGOs or their death.

Shifting Towards Social Entrepreneurship

The term non-governmental organisation (NGO) has the connotation and literal meaning of a group of people performing social projects parallel to government services. One of the earliest mentions of the term was just after the formation of the United Nations, immediately after the World War II. It worked well in that context as most countries and communities were suffering during the aftermath of that war; there was little trust and resources for state services and outside funding agencies worked with civil society to implement social projects to restore the well-being of communities.


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