Walter Sisulu University Foundation: CaSIPO Programme Associate

The Walter Sisulu University Foundation is the resource mobilisation arm of the Walter Sisulu University, charged with securing support for the general and developmental institutional needs. The Foundation also advises the University on channeling of donor funds and affords the donors the benefit of tax exemption for their contributions. In the University context, the Foundation’s role is to access resources for the future development and the sustainable advancement of the Walter Sisulu University.

Project HOPE: Health Education Manager

Project HOPE is a 54 year old public health NGO working in 32 countries around the world providing sustainable health solutions to people in need. In South Africa, Project HOPE works closely with government, the corporate and academic sectors to provide cost effective public health programmes to both urban and rural communities.

Project HOPE seeks to appoint a Health Education Manager for its diabetes and hypertension programme, based in in Zandspruit in the outskirts of Johannesburg.


Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation: Researcher - Community Violence

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is an innovator in preventing violence and building peaceful societies. The Centre adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace locally, continentally and globally.

CSVR seeks to appoint a part-time Researcher for the Community Violence Project, based in Johannesburg.

Investing for the Future

A well-managed reserve fund is a vital component of any organisation’s sustainability strategy. Reserves provide a safety net to carry organisations through the lean times but they also, crucially, offer the breathing space to enable meaningful collaboration, planning and growth so that organisations deliver the best, most transformative solutions to South Africa’s challenges.

Alan Wellburn from Citadel Wealth Management explains.

New Name, New Look for Music Therapy Community Clinic

The Music Therapy Community Clinic - a lauded Cape Town non-governmental organisation (NGO) - has launched a brand new identity, including a new name and logo. Now known as MusicWorks, this pioneering organisation has been serving the communities of Heideveld, Lavender Hill, Langa and Nyanga with musical interventions for children and young people since 2002. More than 500 children benefit from their music programmes each year.

Fairfood International: Campaign Assistant - Engagement

Fairfood International is a nonprofit global advocacy group with its head office based in Amsterdam and hubs located in several parts of the world, including Johannesburg. Fairfood encourages food and beverage companies worldwide to address socio-economic and environmental sustainability issues within their products’ supply chains. Fairfood envisions a future with a fair and sustainable food system, which is able to feed the world in a way that preserves the environment for future generations, respects human rights and secures a thriving economy for all.

Solidaridad Network: Sustainable Management Trainer & Implementer

Solidaridad Network is a civil society organisation with nine regional offices in four continents specialised in sustainable supply chain development. Together with producer organisations, the business community, governments and civil society organisations, Solidaridad Network creates initiatives for sustainable trade with the ultimate goal that good economic, social and environmental practices become a normal part of the business.

Nadcao: Research Intern

The National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (Nadcao) is a NGO committed to the development and long term sustainability of Community Advice Offices (CAO) with its Head Office in Cape Town.

CAOs are community- based nonprofit organisation that offer free basic legal and human rights information, advice and services to people who are marginalised through poverty, social circumstances and geographical location.


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