Sustainable NGOs: A Director’s Guide 2

Directors want to know what sustainability is, how to measure it, and who does what to get it. This article offers the shortest, clearest and simplest explanation of its mathematics and management possible today.

Errol Goetsch's second article informs you about everything you need to know to measure, monitor and manage sustainability follows below.

Errol Goetsch’s Director’s Guide to SEXI NGO’s (Sustainable, Excellent and Impactful)

Understanding sustainability:

It’s a number!

A Community's Journey to Housing and Independence

Access to shelter is a major concern for poor South Africans. Statistics of the national housing backlog abound, including the high number of people living in informal settlements in rudimentary and dangerous structures.

Though they represent the lucky few, members of the Vosloorus community received 650 houses after nine years of involvement in a government housing programme.


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