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Will Someone Please Tell Me What ‘Sexual Activity’ Is?

I see the phrase ‘sexual activity’ almost on a daily basis, mostly in newspapers or in online articles quoting what a government official said. What does it mean?

Is it a social activity or is it something you do on your own? Do you need to be a member of a certain club and pay a fee?

When do you engage in ‘sexual activity’ and where? Why are teenagers not supposed to take part in it?

Who invented it? Is there a manual on how to do it well? Can you make money from being good at ‘sexual activity’?

NGO Makes Case for Sex Education in Schools

The Swedish Association for Sex Education (RFSU) has termed teachers' difficulties and discomfort in teaching key sex education topics as a challenge that needs to be urgently addressed.

RFSU project manager, Dr Cuthbert Maendaenda, says that in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, many teachers have in most cases failed to overcome their personal motives towards issues in sex education, hence denying students understanding of some crucial aspects.

Learners See Need for Sex Education

Children in sub-Saharan Africa are highly aware of the sexualised world they live in and are at dire risk falling pregnant or contracting HIV/AIDS or both as teenagers if they are treated as mere innocents.

According to a study by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Cambridge University, children themselves say they want to discuss sex because they see evidence of it all around them in any case.

Sex Education Recommended for Primary Schools

Experts in education, children’s rights and HIV/AIDS say primary school pupils are far more willing to talk about the risks and role of sex in their communities than adults realised.

They believe that statistics such as the 24.4 percent pregnancy rate among girls in grades 8-11 shown by the 2008 South African National Youth at Risk Survey, are a reason for schools to tackle the issue.

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