Having Sex With Teens Still a Crime: Expert

University of Pretoria Centre for Child Law Professor, Ann Skelton, says even if the justice committee's bid to decriminalise sexual intercourse among teenagers is successful, it will still be a crime for adults to have sex with children under the age of 16-years-old.

Last week the committee told Parliament to amend the 2007 Criminal Law - Sexual Offences and Related Matters Act - to bring it in line with two Constitutional Court judgments.

Swazi Men Less Worried About HIV/AIDS – Study

 “… [men] here are more worried about getting their girlfriend pregnant than they are about HIV,” reveals a study conducted by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and International Broadcasting Trust (IBT) in Swaziland.

The study also found that traditionally, Swazi men believe they own their wives, but marriage appears to be in decline, with informal relationships and single mothers on the increase.

Will Someone Please Tell Me What ‘Sexual Activity’ Is?

I see the phrase ‘sexual activity’ almost on a daily basis, mostly in newspapers or in online articles quoting what a government official said. What does it mean?

Is it a social activity or is it something you do on your own? Do you need to be a member of a certain club and pay a fee?

When do you engage in ‘sexual activity’ and where? Why are teenagers not supposed to take part in it?

Who invented it? Is there a manual on how to do it well? Can you make money from being good at ‘sexual activity’?

SWEAT: Finance Officer - Sisonke Project

Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) is an independent non-governmental organisation. Founded in 1996, it is based in Cape Town and has a nation-wide presence and service reach. SWEAT exists to support adult sex workers who engage in consensual sex work to be able to exercise their human rights. This is achieved through provision of a range of programmes, including counselling and health services, sex worker spaces and legal assistance. 

SWEAT seeks to appoint a Finance Officer for the Sisonke Project, based in Cape Town.

South Africans Urged to Respect Each Other

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile, says that South Africa’s unequal living conditions could undermine the government's efforts to build a non-racial society.

Speaking at a two-day summit on social cohesion at the Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto, Mashatile points out that the event, which is hosted by his department, is aimed at assessing the progress the country has made in building a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.

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