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Vuwani Shutdown Continues

At a community meeting in Vuwani on Monday, residents decided to continue their shutdown of the area in protest at the Municipal Demarcation Board’s decision to incorporate it into a new municipality. The meeting took place after the Pro-Makhado Demarcation Task Team, a community body opposing Vuwani’s move into the new municipality, called LIM 345, obtained a high court order allowing them to meet after they recently faced resistance from police to their gatherings.

Calm restored in Olievenhoutbosch

Captain Kay Makhubela said on Tuesday that the area was calm and no incidents had been reported on Monday night.

Makhubela said two people were arrested on Monday afternoon and one shop was looted.

The two suspects will appear in court for public violence soon.

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​SA Commended on Child Support Grants

According to Tessa Hochfeld, welfare services in South Africa are delivered both by the state and by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Hochfeld points out that this is common in developing countries where states rely on NGO support to deliver welfare services due to capacity and funding limitations.

However, she says the quality of services available has been eroded over the last five years, especially in the NGO sector which is increasingly financially embattled.

She adds: “Community needs have long outstripped available programmes, which are shrinking.”

Planact 30th Anniversary, August 2016: Reflections on Planact’s Role in South African History

This briefing outlines Planact’s unique role in transforming South African communities over the last 30 years. On 26 August 2016, Planact will commemorate the organisation’s 30-year anniversary with a one day celebration, where founders, funders, community leaders, local development practitioners and sector partners will reflect on the theme ‘Towards a realisation of inclusive urban development and deepened democracy’.

AICC to Launch Corporate Citizenship Manuals

In an effort to overcome the various socio-economic challenges that developing nations like Malawi continue to face such as ever-growing population and decreasing resources, the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) plans on launching corporate citizenship manuals.

Through the manuals, the organisation seeks to foster a productive working partnerships between governments, private sector and the civil society to work together to exercise shared responsibility to achieve collective prosperity that help build sustainable communities.

​Zambia to Revise the NGO Act

Zambia’s Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Emerine Kabanshi, says government is revising the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Act No 15 of 2009 in order to enhance Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) participation in service delivery.
Kabanshi says CSOs play a critical role in fostering economic development in the country as well as uplifting the living standards of the less-privileged people in society.

NGOs Urged to Work With State

Tanzanian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country have been urged to cooperate fully with the government during the implementation of their various activities so that they can bring real development to the community.

The call was made here by the chairperson of the National Board for Coordination of NGOs, Rukia Masasi, when its members had an audience with Singida region NGO leaders in a fact finding mission on various activities being implemented by the organisations.

Minister Acknowledges Role of NGOs

Zambia’s Minister of Community Development, Emerine Kabanshi, says civil society has an important role to play in the government’s national development agenda.
Kabanshi says non-governmental organisations (NGOs) complement government’s efforts in improving the quality of the lives of Zambians.

Service Delivery Protest Turns Violent

Police are on high alert in the at Thembelihle informal settlement near Lenasia in Gauteng, after service delivery protests turned violent.

One person has been shot dead and at least three have been injured when Thembelihle residents clashed with residents of neighbouring Lenasia, south of Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson, Kay Makhubele, points out that, “We tried to remove people from the streets which were blocked. They resisted and we had to fire rubber bullets as well as tear gas to disperse them.”

Lilongwe CSOs Form Network

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) operating in Lilongwe district have formed a network aimed at mobilising and coordinating the organisations to ensure smooth and proper coordination of their activities.
Constantine Mulinde of Concern World Wide, whose organisation is the network's vice chair, says the Lilongwe Civil Society Organisations Network (LICSOnet) has been established as a platform for all NGOs operating in the district to share information and experiences.


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