Pupil Attacks Teacher

A matric pupil has been removed from a school in Randfontein after he allegedly used a brick to assault a teacher, Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has confirmed.

The incident allegedly took place on October 21 and the pupil has been suspended, Education Department spokesperson Steve Mabona told News24.

The pupil will be given an opportunity to write his final exams elsewhere.

Another Bullying Video from Stellenbosch School

Parents and residents of Idas Valley protested at Lückhoff High School in Idas Valley, Stellenbosch, on Tuesday after a second bullying video came to light, Netwerk24 reported.

The video was shared on social media just days after a video surfaced which showed a girl being assaulted at the school. Instead of intervening, her school mates had taken a video of the attack.

In the second video, the attacker was also a girl. Some pupils tried to stop the fight.

SA Schools 'Hotspots' for Corruption – CW

Since July 2015, Corruption Watch has received at least 1 000 reports of corruption across schools, making them the main graft hotspots in the country.
According to the organisation’s annual report released this week, “The corruption hotspots in 2015 are schools, which make up 16 percent of overall reports during the year, followed by traffic and licensing at 12 percent, immigration at six percent and housing and healthcare at five and three percent respectively.”

Matriculants Urged to Give Back

The Western Cape has launched a programme that challenges the idea of matriculants spending a gap year abroad - and invites the ‘brightest and the best’ of them to make a difference right here.

The Year Beyond programme will use ideas that have been implemented in schools by a number of non-governmental organisations, but take them further by training volunteers to apply them.

In 2015 the programme will be rolled out in 24 primary schools and high schools with mass opportunity and development centres for after-school activities.

How Are Public Schools Funded?

The Equal Education Law Centre together with the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute have compiled an easy to read pamphlet on how public schools are funded.
How are teachers funded? Why do some schools charge fees? What are conditional grants? 
Learn more about school funding - and areas needing improvement - in this helpful guide. Click here for the guide.

Corruption Getting Worse in SA Schools

A survey conducted by Corruption Watch, a non-governmental organisation, has found that corruption is on the rise in South Africa schools.
The survey, which was conducted as the country's schools gear up for the last term and prepare for the end of the year examinations, found that even though corruption in schools is getting worse, relatively few people have been reporting their experiences of it.

High Tech for Rural Development Actually Bridging the Divide?

Perhaps you’ve seen the meme image of the thatched roof mud hut almost buckling under the weight of a new satellite dish, usually appended with some pithy caption like ‘Priorities Fail’. It’s a funny image, but it’s also an increasingly visible paradox in developing countries looking to propel their economies forward and alleviate social problems with high tech accessories.

NGOs Welcome HCT Campaign at Schools

HIV/AIDS awareness organisations have welcomed the Department of Basic Education’s announcement that it will introduce HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign to schools. However, the organisations have also added that protecting the human rights of pupils in schools is essential.
Education department spokesperson, Granville Whittle, says the department will be handling the matter cautiously, following concerns raised in media reports about the safety of pupils.

Parents Losing Faith in the Public School Sector

A study by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) has revealed that the number of children attending private or independent schools increased by 50 percent between 2000 and 2009.

Though there has only been a 1.6 percent increase in pupils attending state schools over the same period, SAIRR researcher, Marius Roodt, was quick to point out that there were about 12 million state school pupils in 2009 and only about 400 000 at independent schools.

Social workers take up acting

The social workers of Restorative Justice Centre have taken up acting as an addition to one of their empowerment programes of the RJC.

The VEP (Victim Empowerment Programmes) group will be performing a drama at one of the schools in Atterdigeville on Monday 22 June. The drama is all about teenagers and the different challenges that they have to overcome.

The aim of the drama is to send across a certain message that can be understood by teenagers and in the language that they are familier with.


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