The Importance of Paying Market-Related Remuneration Levels in the NPO Sector

Averile Ryder Reward Specialists have processed salary, benefits and conditions of employment surveys and in addition has consulted to numerous public sector and profit organisations in human resources and reward across Pan Africa for over 18 years and has repeatedly witnessed that those organisations who have transparent, fair and defensible remuneration or reward strategies attract and retain the best available talent.  This always results in more effective, sustainable, economically and socially responsible and if relevant profitable organisations.

Developing NGOs: Retaining Skills

Significant changes have occurred in the South African non-profit sector over the last 14 years. The years following 1994 saw an exodus of NGO talent to government: in fact the acronym NGO was laughingly explained as “Next Government Official”.

While the desire for a stable source of income after years of tenuous existence - a desire which influenced the move for many - this unfortunately resulted in a wealth of knowledge and institutional memory leaving the non-profit sector.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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