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Mandeep Tiwana, head of policy and analysis at CIVICUS, an international organisation representing civil society organisations, points out that, "Civil society freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly have been under serious attack in 109 countries around the world in 2015 alone."

Tiwana is of the view that, "One of the main tests of the justness of any society is how it treats its minorities whether there is equality of opportunity for all particularly for disadvantaged populations."

Call to Delay New Immigration Regulations

The South African Institute for Race Relations (SAIRR) has asked the Department of Home Affairs to delay implementing the requirement of an unabridged birth certificate to fly with children.

In a press statement, the organisation’s chief executive officer, Frans Cronjé, warns that the ‘onerous’ new travel regulations‚ which come into effect within a month‚ will harm South Africa’s tourism industry.

ICASA Announces New Call Rate Regulations

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) announces new call termination rates favouring smaller cellular operators.

In a statement, committee chairperson, Nomvuyiso Batyi says, "The authority has maintained asymmetry for smaller operators and new entrants to facilitate competition in a market that has been determined to be uncompetitive."

Batyi asserts that the asymmetrical rates for cellular operators already in the market are limited to the current regulatory period, which would expire in 2017.

Zim Laws to Curb Cyber-Crime

A government official has announced that Zimbabwe is crafting cyber laws to regulate activities on social media in order to protect its citizens and the state from cybercrimes.

Speaking to the parliamentary portfolio committee on Information Communication Technology, Cecilia Nyamutswa, Postal and Telecommunication Authority of Zimbabwe’s director for legal services, stated that that draft bills were ready and would soon be transmitted to the Attorney-General's office for legal direction and finalisation.

Zambia to Review Controversial NGO Law

The Zambian government says it is in the process of reviewing the controversial Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Act of 2009 to enhance civil society organisations’ (CSOs) participation in public affairs.

Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister, Harry Kalaba, says that Government is doing everything possible to ensure that laws that promote freedom are enacted or repealed if they did not meet the aspirations of citizens.

South Africa’s Copyright Policies Criticised

South Africa is doing some amazing research but cannot share it globally because of restrictive copyright laws or unreasonable policies and embargo periods set by publishers.

South African authors cannot become known and cited if their works are locked up behind expensive paywalls, accessible only to a limited audience.

South African students and researchers also need access to the best international and local up-to-date journals, books and other research to be able to contribute new knowledge in their fields.

NPOs Fail to Comply With the NPO Act

The Zuma family-linked Non-Profit Organisations have almost without exception breached the law on filing financial and other documents with the Department of Social Development.
President Jacob Zuma's first wife and childhood sweetheart, Sizakele MaKhumalo-Zuma, is the registered director for the Sizakele MaKhumalo-Zuma Foundation, which has not submitted financial reports since it was registered.
Nompumelelo Ntuli, Zuma’s current second wife, chairs the MaNtuli-Zuma Foundation which was registered in 2011, has not submitted reports since March 2012.

Zuma-Linked NGOs Not Complaint With NPO Act

According to Jeff Wicks and Amanda Khoza, nonprofit organisations (NPOs) run by President Jacob Zuma's immediate family - including his four wives - have not filed financial reports in years, a breach of the law which effectively keeps any income and expenditure by the trusts from public scrutiny.
Wicks and Khoza says under the Non-profit Organisations Act (NPO Act), administered by the Department of Social Development, registered entities must file annual reports which are publicly available.

African Land is a Profitable but Potentially Dangerous Investment

Photo courtesy Global Justice Now/FlickrSlicing up Africa: Activists cut into an African-shaped cake outside of the British government’s Department for International Development (DFID) to protest DFID’s role in facilitating the acquisition of African land by large multinational conglomerates.

City Agreement With Informal Traders

The City of Johannesburg has reached an agreement with local informal traders on business by-laws.

In a press statement, the city points out that an urgent meeting was convened following allegations of abuse of power by the metro police officers, reported to the city by the South African National Traders' Retail Alliance.

It says part of the agreement stipulated that the city and traders’ associations work together to discourage illegal trading, and to ensure that traders were allowed in demarcated areas only if they have permits.


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