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Convert All RDP Housing to Full and Unrestricted Freehold Title

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if black South Africans had equal rights, if they enjoyed the same home ownership rights as whites, if they were emancipated, empowered and trusted, if they were presumed to be the equals of whites and no longer patronised? Wouldn’t we rejoice if racism was ended, not just racism by whites against blacks, and blacks against whites, but racism by blacks against blacks?

Threat to Boycott Elections Over RDP Houses

Prospective RDP housing beneficiaries in Donkerhoek and Jabulane farms outside Piet Retief, who have waited more than a year to have their houses completed, have threatened not to vote in the coming local elections.
Nurse Motha, one of the beneficiaries living in Donkerhoek, has been quoted as saying that, "This government is playing with us. Since they dug foundations for RDP houses more than a year ago they have not come back to us."

Government in Drive to Eradicate Shacks

Human Settlements Minister, Tokyo Sexwale, says that a total of 8 700 human settlements projects are underway across the country in a bid to eradicate ‘ugly little pondokkies’ (shacks).

Sexwale points out that, “We are talking about new, good- looking houses … no ugly little pondokkies. We are changing the cause for our people. They need dignified houses.”

BSDP Slam Councillors Over RDP Houses

The Bolobedu Society for Disabled People (BSDP) is angry with the Greater Tzaneen Municipality councillors who allegedly overlooked them in the allocation of RDP houses and pit toilets.

BSDP chairperson, David Malatji, says they recommend that the four councillors be relieved of their duties before the local government elections next year.

Malatji says the BSDP has a record of people who have been allocated houses ‘just because they are close toward councillors’.

A Third of RDP Houses Are Sub-standard: Stats SA

A third of all the people who were allocated RDP houses are unhappy with their quality. This is according to Statistics South Africa’s General Household Survey.

Conducted between 2002 and 2009, the survey revealed that 31 percent of 1.8 million people who received the houses regarded them ‘as very weak’.

The survey found that the most complaints were in the Western Cape at 66.7 percent, Eastern Cape at 62.5 percent and Northern Cape at 35 percent.

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