GJN Report Focuses on ‘Privatised Aid’

A damning report has warned that free-market consultants in Britain are taking hundreds of millions of pounds ring-fenced to alleviate poverty in the developing world, as the government continues with its agenda of privatising aid.

Conducted by British non-governmental organisation, Global Justice Now (GJN), the study raises grave concerns over the sheer amount of aid money the Department for International Development (DfID) has given to consultants Adam Smith International (ASI) for overseas aid projects.

Motorists to Pay Less on e-Tolls

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) says that 90 percent of motorists travelling on Gauteng roads will pay less than R200 a month on e-tolling.
SANRAL spokesperson, Vusi Mona, points out that, "Travelling on Gauteng's roads when e-tolling has been implemented in two months' time will cost motorists considerably less than is generally assumed."
Mona, who states that SANRAL has tracked actual usage by 2.5 million vehicles on the Gauteng e-roads, says that less than one percent of road users will pay the maximum of R550 per month.

Nationalisation is Not the Path to Justice for All

For the first 19 years of its existence, the Free Market Foundation (FMF) argued, cajoled and pleaded for the total dismantling of the apartheid system and the establishment of true democracy in South Africa, with universal suffrage and a constitution that would highlight the principle of limited government, so as to protect the people from ever again being the victims of the pernicious policies of arbitrary government, such as the discriminatory laws that deprived people of their rights because of the colour of their skins.

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