Gates Donates Chickens to Africa’s Poor

Bill Gates is launching his latest scheme to help sub-Saharan Africans living in extreme poverty: he’s giving them chickens.

Gates will donate 100 000 birds vaccinated against common diseases under a programme he said would boost incomes because chickens are inexpensive to care for, a good investment and help provide nutrition for children.

The Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist says on his Twitter feed that, “If I were living in extreme poverty, I’d want to raise chickens.”

Children’s Poultry Project Flourishes in Umzimvubu

If you’re never too old to follow your dreams, then you are never too young to get them underway. While some kids are out scraping their knees and playing in dirt, others are dutifully honing their project management and business skills, devising innovative ways to monetise on their ideas all on their own, without any grant from the government. A group of school children in Umzimvubu, Eastern Cape, are proving that long gone are the days when children entrepreneurs were confined to the business of selling sweets and lemonade.

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