Pandor Condemns Campaigning at Schools

The Department of Education has warned political parties against campaigning at schools.

In a press statement, Education Minister, Naledi Pandor, warns against any campaigning directed at learners or teachers during school time.

Pandor states that she noted with “grave concern” that teachers in Gauteng had attended a political meeting in school time.

“Teachers and learners should not be allowed to attend campaign meetings during school hours,” says Pandor.

UN Special Team Heads for Zimbabwe

Senior United Nations (UN) officials are preparing for a series of meetings with Zimbabwe's political leaders and UN colleagues dealing with the country's cholera epidemic and food crisis.

The five-strong delegation will meet both President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai during their five-day visit.

Delegation spokes person John Nyaga says the team, led by the UN assistant secretary general for humanitarian affairs, Catherine Bragg, will hold an internal meeting with UN officials working on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Journalist Abducted, Zimbabwe Blamed

The South African Council of Churches and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa have condemned the recent abduction of journalist and activist Jestina Mukoko by a gang of plain-clothed men suspected to be police operatives.

Open Society chairperson, Musa Hlope, has also criticised the mediation process for tolerating the violence that has continued in Zimbabwe. "No sound mediation will continue while others are being killed. And that’s what the SADC mediation has done", says Hlope.

Funding Freedom? - Synthesis Report on the Impact of Foreign Political Aid to Civil Society

Extract from the Paper

Are South Africans using their democratic rights to hold their government to account and to ensure that it responds to them? Are foreign aid donors, who repeatedly stress their support for South Africa’s new democracy, using their resources to help citizens to do that and to ensure that the democratic system works for them?


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