What is at Stake for New Councils in South Africa?

The eight percent decline in the voters’ support for the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party between 2011 and 2016 represents a fundamental shift in South African politics.
Much has been written on the implications for the ANC and the country, but a significant and underreported short-term impact relates to the implications for budget expenditure and service delivery at a local level.

Youth Loses Interest in Politics – Survey

A survey by Afrobarometer shows that the youth in Africa are losing interest in politics.
Joseph Maniragena partnership officer at African Monitor says that, “Young people see politicians as corrupt people and therefore they are not inspired. Young people‚ specifically in South Africa‚ don't see any change. Political parties come during elections ... After elections‚ politicians don't come back.”

Public Protector Candidates Urged to Quit Politics

Corruption Watch says the Public Protector candidates’ political affiliations will create a lack of confidence from the public.

The organisation states that as a parliamentary ad-hoc committee begins shortlisting 62 candidates to fill the role of public protector when Thuli Madonsela’s term ends in October, the contenders with political affiliations must resign from their respective parties.

Corruption Watch’s Bua Mzansi Campaign coordinator, Kavisha Pillay, says their campaign aims to oversee transparency by the ad-hoc committee formed to deal with the appointment.

Anti-Mugabe NGOs Wasted ‘Our Money’ – Diplomat

There is very little to show for the huge amounts of money invested in local pro-democracy groups over the years, a western envoy has lamented, adding that the non-governmental organisation sector has become as corrupt as the regime whose ouster it sought.

A diplomat who heads one of the western donor organisations in the country says that, “You can see that there (has been) no, or very little, change in the democracy situation in the country despite the civil society having been well resourced financially.”

​Civil Society Under Serious Attack - CIVICUS

Mandeep Tiwana, head of policy and analysis at CIVICUS, an international organisation representing civil society organisations, points out that, "Civil society freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly have been under serious attack in 109 countries around the world in 2015 alone."

Tiwana is of the view that, "One of the main tests of the justness of any society is how it treats its minorities whether there is equality of opportunity for all particularly for disadvantaged populations."

ANC Wants Sparrow to Pay R200k to a NGO


The African National Congress’ (ANC) hate speech complaint against KwaZulu-Natal estate agent, Penny Sparrow, will be heard in the Equality Court this week, while its cases against a Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament and councillor are pending.

The governing party took Sparrow to the Equality Court in KwaZulu-Natal after she compared black people to monkeys on social media.

The ruling party's attorney, Peter Williams, says they want the court to force Sparrow to pay at least R200 000 to a non-governmental organisation as punishment.

​CSOs, Local Church March Against ‘National Pledge’

Civil society organisations and local church have staged a demonstration in Harare against the introduction ‘National Pledge’ by the government which they dismiss as a bid to brainwash to brainwash school children with ZANU PF propaganda.
At the end of last month, the government, through the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora, directed all students to spend the April school holidays mastering the national pledge.

​ANC Conducted A 'Ruthless People's War' – SAIIR

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) says that during the last decade of the struggle in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) wanted hegemony over the country.
SAIRR head of policy research, Dr Anthea Jeffery, point out that the ANC has always depicted its liberation struggle as a just war, fought by just means.


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