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8 Lessons From a 1-Woman-Fundraising-Phenomenon

Wendy van Eyck, communications manager for Qhubeka, had to learn very quickly how to make the most of limited time and resources. In 2014, she managed to increase Qhubeka’s fundraising by more than 15 times the amount raised in 2013 through the GiveHope campaign. She shared 8 tips for running a successful peer-to-peer online fundraising campaign.
Work smarter not harder

10 Tips to Give Your Charity A Digital Spring Clean this Spring Day

Happy Spring Day!

As we celebrate the packing away of winter clothes, heaters and blankets and look forward to the advent of Spring and warmer weather, isn't it time you gave your charity a much needed digital spring clean? Dust away the cobwebs with these 10 tips we've devised to revitalise your fundraising, both online and offline.

1. Review your website

US Ahead of UK in Online Fundraising

Fundraisers in the United Kingdom have fallen behind their counterparts in the United States by at least 18 months in using the online environment in enhancing their fundraising efforts.

This claim was made during a recent presentation by Alan Clayton, Director of Innovation at The Good Agency, on the interim report of an ongoing research project combining research into donor values and motivations, and online behaviour.

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