NGO World Mirrors Divides of SA Society – Dlamini

The world of social development organisations, which are supposed to help the poor and dispossessed, have the same race and class divisions as South African society, according to Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini.

Dlamini says an assumption was made that social development organisations were all cut from the same cloth, but a series of provincial dialogues revealed deep divides.

Zuma 'Humbled' by NPO's Work

President Jacob Zuma says that he is humbled by the work of nonprofit organisations (NPOs).

Speaking at the Nonprofit Organisation Summit in Johannesburg, Zuma urged the private sector as well not to make the NPOs the first area of focus when they have to undertake financial austerity measures.

He further urged South Africans to appreciate how NPOs helped to promote social cohesion and stability in society, adding that, "This diverse sector must be supported in order for it to grow and continue supporting our people."

NGOs Frustrated by Bureaucracy - Minister

Speaking at the National Nonprofit Organisations Summit (National NPO Summit), social development minister, Bathabile Dlamini, says that many social development non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are frustrated by bureaucratic red-tape.

"People have been calling the presidential hotline; others have been setting up meetings with the president to say 'we are frustrated'," she explained.

She further pointed out that smaller NGOs collapse due to lack of skills and resources.

NPO Sector Needs Transformation

The minister of social development, Bathabile Dlamini, is of the view that the nonprofit sector needs to be transformed, particularly in governance matters.

Dlamini expressed this at the National NPO Summit held in Johannesburg under the theme ‘Working Together to Fight Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality.’

"Discussions on transformation should include issues of governance within the sector and also the constituencies that NPOs within the social development sector work with,” she said.

Address by Social Development Minister

The social development minister, Bathabile Dlamini, focused her address at the National NPO Summit on the need for a stronger partnership between government and the NPO sector.

During her address, Dlamini stated that the summit needs to identify areas of work that require strategic partnerships between the government and the NPO sector in order to improve the quality of services delivered to the people.

Cultivating Change: Alternative Approaches for More Effective Social Impact

GIBS Network for Social Entrepreneurs in partnership with the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA), is conducting a one-day course entitled ‘Cultivating Change: Alternative Approaches for More Effective Social Impact’, on 20 July 2010 in Johannesburg.

Do you wonder why excellent ideas, planning, finance and resources still result in failed projects?
Do you struggle to understand why your “beneficiaries” aren’t as engaged as you had envisioned?
Are you looking for alternatives to conventional development projects?

Organisational Development and the NPO leader- Part 3: Planning OD Interventions

Planning organisational development (OD) interventions has two key aspects: intervention choice and planning for the execution of the intervention. OD interventions fail for many reasons, but common ones include bad choice of intervention or poor implementation. The choice of intervention should, as the previous articles in this series have emphasised, be guided by the initial diagnosis. If you know what is wrong, then you can choose a suitable remedy. Starting with the choice of remedy makes little sense. Equally, do not always expect there to be one thing wrong.

Shame on Lotto

My name is Robin Opperman, and I am the Director of the Umcebo Trust. We run a non-profit art and craft trust, based in Durban. We applied in the most recent Lotto round of applications, and submitted end of February. We received the standard acknowledgements and within the past two weeks were very excited to receive correspondence from Lotto asking for elaboration on a number of issues related to our application.

Sustainability in Difficult Times

Much is being discussed and written about regarding the global recession. We will only be able to see the full effect of this on funding when we look back in a year or two and can calculate the actual impact. Anecdotally though, there are many stories of reduced funding from foreign donors hardest hit by the crisis, and corporate donors whose profits are down and whose giving is often based on a percentage of net profits after tax.


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