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In 1995 the answer was nine when asked how many planets our solar system contained. Twenty years later, we have a different answer. Similarly, 10 years ago we were told that the client is king. Today, I guess you hear that the content is.

Operating and living in the same space, the context and knowledge have tremendously changed. The art to communicate, plead for or against a cause, as well as support or recommend a position has been taking in different techniques and canvas.

Innovation is Key to NPO Sustainability Says Fundraising Leaders

Nonprofit organisations (NPOs), who depend on public and private donations to fund their work, will need to be innovative and creative in order to survive in an increasingly challenging economic environment.
“With the decrease in international funding, lottery grants as rare as hens teeth and corporate donations stagnating or allocated to own projects,  nonprofits need to look at diversified income streams,” says Ann Bown, who will be presenting a workshop on “Fundraising Trends in 2015 and beyond” at a Durban conference next month.

Oh Wait Just a Minute Mr. Postman, Just Look at the Damage You Have Caused!

Devastation and despair is the message coming out of the nonprofit sector after months of postal strikes and non-delivery of mail.
According to the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF) thousands of good causes and charities are experiencing deep financial difficulties as the strike impacts severely on the sector that relies heavily on public generosity to support their work through direct mail.
Providers of vital services to thousands of beneficiaries will have to cut-back on programmes and prepare for a Bah! Humbug! Christmas. 

Money Alone Not Enough for NGOs

According to a News24 User, thousands of nonprofit organisations around the country receive large amounts of money from various donors.

The User argues that while this is a great thing, the problem lies with not monitoring the impact of the future outcomes of their donations.

The User further states that NPOs should exist for the purpose of improving people’s lives for the better. In South Africa, argues the user, donor funds end up having little impact because NPO managers lack the capacity to utilise them properly.

Why Knowledge Management in Nonprofit Companies?

Knowledge management practices are typically concerned with the creation, capture, handling and transfer (sharing) of knowledge held by individuals within the organisation (Dalkir, 2005). These activities provide added value to the organisation in addition to its core functions, and would require involvement from an organisational wide perspective to truly deliver universal benefits.

Ten Things to Prevent Constitutional Drift Within NPOs

  1. Defining the constitution 

South African nonprofit organisations (NPOs) can essentially be established through one of three structures, being; voluntary associations, nonprofit trusts and nonprofit companies. Each of these NPOs have different founding documents, namely: constitution for the voluntary association, trust deed for the nonprofit trust and memorandum of incorporation for the nonprofit company. The definition of ‘constitution’ in the Nonprofit Organisations Act includes a trust deed and memorandum of incorporation.   

Voluntary But Liable

Nonprofit organisations (NPOs) feature large in the lives of many South Africans. There are the multitudes on the receiving end, such as those benefiting from our charities. But there are probably just as many givers: donors, which range from large corporations to anyone dropping a few coins in a collection tin, and the many who give of their time and expertise to run these organisations - and who form the backbone of the NPO sector.

CIVICUS: Senior Communication Officer

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is one of the leading and most diverse international civil society networks, with members and partners in more than 100 countries and a staff of 35 people from over 20 countries. CIVICUS implements a range of programmatic activities focusing on strengthening civil society and its role in governance and development worldwide. It also serves as a convener of global civil society leaders through its annual World Assembly.

CIVICUS seeks to appoint a Senior Communication Officer, based in Johannesburg.

Towards a New NPO Act

The fifth draft of the Draft NPO Policy Framework on the Amendments of the Nonprofit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 was issued to nonprofit organisations (NPOs) ahead of a consultative meeting in Johannesburg at the end of March 2014. The Nonprofit Organisations Directorate has clearly taken pains to address the concerns of civil society with this version of the framework, which recognises the valuable contribution and role of NPOs in building South Africa’s economy.


CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is one of the leading and most diverse international civil society networks, with members and partners in more than 120 countries and a staff compliment of 35+ from over 20 countries.

CIVICUS seeks to appoint an ICT Manager, based in Johannesburg.

The person will lead, maintain and support ICT systems, solutions and services across the organisation.


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