Reports and Rumours About a New NPO Act – What Should Civil Society be Doing

Most civil society organisations are probably unaware that the ‘draft NPO Bill of 2016’ was presented at a May conference hosted by the South African Accounting Academy. Possibly the reason for this unusual choice of presentation forum was that, as a representative from the Department of Social Development (DSD) had previously told a small group of civil society leaders, although the department is interested in holding consultations on the Bill, it does not have the budget to do so.

2016 - Time to Recalibrate, Think!

The nonprofit sector is claiming it is entering another funding crisis yet not defining the root cause or coming up with a plan B or C. A business term for defining a crisis is: “A critical event or point of decision that, if not handled in an appropriate manner (or if not handled at all) may turn into a disaster or catastrophe.”

DSD Tackles NPO Registration Backlog

The Department of Social Development (DSD) is making significant progress in tackling the backlog of registering non-profit-making organisations, this in collaboration with its provincial outlets.
The department representative, Lillian Mswane, who is part of a team of national officials from this department, says since 2012 Minister Bathabile Dlamini dispatched national teams to embark on an aggressive road show aimed at fast-tracking the issuing of certificates to nonprofit organisations (NPOs) in the various South African provinces, including KwaZulu-Natal.

2014 - Financially Astute?

The CMDS - a registered practice with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants which acts as accounting officers for organisations that choose not to have an independent audit - believes that 2014 is a year for leaders of nonprofit organisations (NPO) to become more financially alert and astute and so be more aware of financial dangers and pitfalls as well as new opportunities for broadening income streams and building financial sustainability.

Fundraising Bitcoin by Bit

Few years ago I was in the boardroom of a renowned international nonprofit organisation in Johannesburg for an interview. I was asked to suggest an innovative fundraising campaign and I proposed raising digital currency as a new strategy. I did not get the job.

Based on values or achievements, the word ‘success’ holds different meanings to different people and organisations. And, as we know it, values are at the heart of charity and nonprofit operations.

Pros and Cons of Taxing Churches in Zimbabwe

According to Obert Gutu, one of the major rationales of not taxing churches Zimbabwe is that the church is a non-profit making organisation.

Gutu, who states that nonprofit organisations are exempt from income and other taxes because their principal purpose is not profit oriented, adding that taxing churches would be discriminatory as there are other nonprofit making groups, such as political organisations, non-governmental organisations, and social welfare and service organisations which are also exempt from tax.

NLC Invites Applications for Funding

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is calling on nonprofit organisations, non-government organisations, public benefit trusts, schools and communities to apply for funding.

NLC commissioner, Charlotte Mampane, points out that, “This call is the second of three annual calls that will be made to the public to apply for funding in the current financial year.”

While the NLC will in future implement proactive funding to qualifying beneficiaries, Mampane says the NLC will continue to disburse funds primarily through open calls to the public, such as this one.

Zuma-Linked NGOs Not Complaint With NPO Act

According to Jeff Wicks and Amanda Khoza, nonprofit organisations (NPOs) run by President Jacob Zuma's immediate family - including his four wives - have not filed financial reports in years, a breach of the law which effectively keeps any income and expenditure by the trusts from public scrutiny.
Wicks and Khoza says under the Non-profit Organisations Act (NPO Act), administered by the Department of Social Development, registered entities must file annual reports which are publicly available.


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