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2012 NPO Forecast - A Time to Hasten Slowly

In these uncertain times it’s reassuring to know that the world will most definitely continue to spin, so ignore the Mayan calendar prophecy that humanity will evaporate in December 2012. However, the Mayans predict an era that will be more spiritual with new awakenings.

New opportunities abound for those who are ready to reflect and do things differently, change leadership styles and ignore negativity.

Funding Policy Changes Push Non-profits into Business Field

The recent flare-up between the government and the nonprofit sector over changes to policies governing state funding of nonprofit organisations (NPOs) has reignited the heated debate around how best to fund our social welfare services and social justice work in South Africa.

The hastily arranged meeting a few weeks ago between the Department of Social Development and a handful of NPOs did little to calm fears over the future funding of the more than 100 000 nonprofits who between them, deliver more than half of the welfare services government is obliged to provide.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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