Starting An NPO In South Africa

The NPO Act of 1997 is in essence aimed at providing an environment in which nonprofit organisations (NPOs) can flourish. For many NPOs in South Africa the reality is very different. Starting a NPO in SA has become a distressing journey and this article explores some of the practical challenges that you can expect if starting a NPO in South Africa in 2012.

There are in essence three kinds of legal entities available when starting a NPO, namely; voluntary association, nonprofit trust and nonprofit company.

Voluntary Association

NPOs as Suppliers and Consumers

The Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (the Act) came into operation on 1 April 2011 and holds significant implications for nonprofit organisations (NPOs) in South Africa. This article focuses on some of the practical implications of the Act on NPOs - to the extent that they fall within the definitions of consumer and supplier in terms of the Act. 

NPOs as suppliers:

The Dumping Ground: How We Are Perpetuating Our Own Skills Shortage Within the Nonprofit Sector

Very few social development practitioners would argue that one of the main obstacles to quality service delivery is the lack of staff skills and capacity within organisations. The reality we face is that there are currently not enough individuals with key knowledge, skills and competencies to staff all of South Africa’s nonprofit organisations, which means that many organisations are staffed by individuals who are not sufficiently qualified to perform their jobs effectively.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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