• SANEF Slams Egypt Over Journos Case

    The South African National Editors' Forum (SANEF) expressed shock at the conviction and sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt.

    In a press statement, SANEF points out that, "What started off as the dawn of the Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare where freedoms of Egyptian people are treated with disdain by the ruling military-aligned government."

    SANEF, which is part of the African Editors' Forum, is calling on the African Union Commission to ensure that the summit condemned the sentencing of the journalists.

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  • NGO Gives Prosthetic Limbs to the Poor

    Mobility 4 Life, a non-governmental organisation, is changing lives by giving prosthetic limbs to amputees from rural and poor areas.

    The organisation estimates that there are 25 000 who cannot access prostheses because of issues such as long waiting lists at private or public hospitals where the services are usually provided.

    It says with money collected from corporate social investment initiatives, the organisation hopes to assist more people who do not have the means to access even the most basic of primary healthcare.

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  • Machel Ends Period of Mourning

    The Graça Machel Trust says former President, Nelson Mandela's widow, Graça Machel, has returned to public life after six months of mourning.

    In a press statement, the organisation points out that, "After six months of retreat, mourning the death of Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela, Mrs Graça Machel will now return to her active role as a global advocate for women's and children's rights."

    Machel, whose husband died in December at the age of 95, says her other priority is to continue advocating for women in Africa to access better opportunities in economic, political and social spheres.

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  • Affirmative Action Hurts Blacks: IRR

    The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) is maintaining its stance on affirmative action, despite the staunch criticism it has received.

    SAIRR chief executive officer, Frans Cronje, is quoted by Politicsweb as saying that, "Too often these critics are people whose own children are unlikely ever to be exposed to toxic water or incompetent public hospitals."

    Responding to critics claiming that the IRR is simply maintaining white privilege, Cronje pointed out that whites are not particularly doing badly under the current system.

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  • Confusing e-Toll Statements Criticised

    The Opposition To Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) says recent statements about e-tolls reportedly made by Gauteng transport MEC, Ismail Vadi, while positive, are causing confusion.

    OUTA’s Wayne Duvenage, points out that, “In the statement made by the Sunday Independent... Vadi suggests that e-tolls should be replaced by more efficient user pays mechanisms.”

    Duvenage says if e-tolling is being questioned and seen as ineffective the entirescheme should be set aside until a more efficient and equitable solution has been found, adding that, “Every day the fiasco continues is a burden to society.”

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  • South Africa Warned Against Fracking

    Environmental and anti-nuclear organisation, Earthlife Africa says fracking will have negative environmental consequences in the long-term.

    President Jacob Zuma, in his State of the Nation Address, announced the possibility of pursuing shale gas, which is recognised as a game changer for the economy.

    Earthlife Africa Johannesburg project coordinator, Tristen Taylor, points out that, “What we are discovering from shale gas field in the United States is that the decline rate is very high.”

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  • NGO Provides Aid to Striking Miners

    Aid organisation, Gift of the Givers is expected to visit the mining areas again where they have been providing striking workers with food parcels for the past five weeks.

    The organisation says though it will continue to provide aid to the most affected families, they have to now dig deep into their coffers to keep on supplying aid. 

    Its spokesperson, Emily Thomas, says it is frustrating that the negotiations to end the strike remain at loggerheads, this is despite concerned parties reaching an agreement on the latest wage offer. 

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  • Fracking May Destroy SA Water

    The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) says South Africa’s intention to go ahead with shale gas exploration and more coal mining could have a devastating effect on South Africa's water supply.

    In a press statement, WWF fresh water programme senior manager, Christine Colvin, states that critical water production areas and water systems are being threatened by coal mining.

    Colvin adds: "The explosion of shale gas exploration in the Karoo will similarly disrupt the social fabric of this fragile area and we do not have clarity on how negative impacts will be dealt with."

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  • NGO: Empower Sex Workers to Demand Safe Sex

    The Badilika Foundation, a faith-based organisation working to transform lives of sex workers, states that Malawi will not win the fight against HIV and AIDS unless sex workers are empowered to demand safe sex as one way of HIV reducing transmission.

    The foundation’s executive director, Forbes Msiska, argues that, "Clients of these sex workers are mostly married men who have stable families and failure to empower them to demand condom usage is likely to lead to many innocent partners at home getting infected as the client will get infected and later infect their partners."

    Msiska further adds that the organisation is working through six community discussion forums in Blantyre City where counselling sessions, condom negotiation training, and condom distribution to help sex workers practise safe sex are held.

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  • NGO Hands Over a Health Facility

    World Vision Malawi handed over a community health facility worth K12.5 million in Msambanyali, Malawi.

    As citizens commemorated Child Health Week, the facility serves as a response to an outcry from members of the community who experienced challenges due to lack of health facilities in the area, in which the nearest health facility is at a distance of over 10 kilometres.

    Speaking during the handover ceremony, World Vision project manager for Njema area, Caroline Kajawo, stated that the organisation aims to improve the welfare of children across the country.

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