• Fracking May Destroy SA Water

    The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) says South Africa’s intention to go ahead with shale gas exploration and more coal mining could have a devastating effect on South Africa's water supply.

    In a press statement, WWF fresh water programme senior manager, Christine Colvin, states that critical water production areas and water systems are being threatened by coal mining.

    Colvin adds: "The explosion of shale gas exploration in the Karoo will similarly disrupt the social fabric of this fragile area and we do not have clarity on how negative impacts will be dealt with."

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  • NGO: Empower Sex Workers to Demand Safe Sex

    The Badilika Foundation, a faith-based organisation working to transform lives of sex workers, states that Malawi will not win the fight against HIV and AIDS unless sex workers are empowered to demand safe sex as one way of HIV reducing transmission.

    The foundation’s executive director, Forbes Msiska, argues that, "Clients of these sex workers are mostly married men who have stable families and failure to empower them to demand condom usage is likely to lead to many innocent partners at home getting infected as the client will get infected and later infect their partners."

    Msiska further adds that the organisation is working through six community discussion forums in Blantyre City where counselling sessions, condom negotiation training, and condom distribution to help sex workers practise safe sex are held.

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  • NGO Hands Over a Health Facility

    World Vision Malawi handed over a community health facility worth K12.5 million in Msambanyali, Malawi.

    As citizens commemorated Child Health Week, the facility serves as a response to an outcry from members of the community who experienced challenges due to lack of health facilities in the area, in which the nearest health facility is at a distance of over 10 kilometres.

    Speaking during the handover ceremony, World Vision project manager for Njema area, Caroline Kajawo, stated that the organisation aims to improve the welfare of children across the country.

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  • Govt Commended for Supporting Albinos

    The South African Albinism Society (SAAS) has applauded government for supporting people living with albinism.

    As the world observe International Albinism Day on 13 June 2014, it is worth noting that albinism is more common in Africa than the rest of the world, with one in four-thousand people born with the condition.

    In Tanzania it's a condition where many sufferers are forced into hiding for fear of their lives as their body parts are reportedly sought for use in potions sold to bring wealth and good luck.

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  • Writing Exams Without Textbooks

    Education For All, a non-governmental organisation, says some learners in Limpopo have started mid-year exams without all their textbooks.

    The organisation, which has taken up the court fight on behalf of affected schools, says it has received reports that some of the schools are receiving duplicates or wrong orders.

    Meanwhile, spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education, Elijah Mhlanga, blames some schools for discrepancies. Mhlanga, points out that, “Some of the schools did their verifications very late; that's why it has taken long for the books that they requested to be delivered because the process is complex.”

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  • NGO: Pierre Korkie Spotted Again

    The Gift of the Givers Foundation says the kidnapped South African, Pierre Korkie, has been spotted for a third time in Yemen.

    In a press statement, the organisation’s founding head, Imtiaz Sooliman, points out that, "We have received confirmation from tribal leaders on the ground that Pierre Korkie was spotted for the third time now in the ongoing war between the Yemeni army and al-Qaeda in Yemen."

    Sooliman, who states that Korkie was spotted between Marib and Shabwa province, states that this time he was in the company of a British hostage, adding that the state of his health is not known.

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  • NGO Warns Against ‘Out-of-Date’ Institutions

    Global civil society alliance, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, has warned that global institutions face losing their point if they continue to ignore people's issues.

    In its latest report, the organisation states that formal democratic institutions are unable to keep up with the modern world, which has resulted in mass protests.

    “In many countries around the world people see formal democratic processes and party politics as failing to address the issues they care about,” explains CIVICUS secretary general, Dr Danny Sriskandarajah.

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  • Zuma Ignored Constitution When Hiring Nxasana

    The Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) says it seems that President Jacob Zuma did not heed the Constitutional Court's direction when he appointed the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP), Mxolisi Nxasana.

    CASAC's Lawson Naidoo says, "It would seem in the light of the information that is now emerging about Nxasana's past that such a robust procedure was not followed. That the President had not armed himself with all the relevant information in order to make a rational decision as determined by the Constitutional Court, and therefore the process itself is once again flawed."

    Two years ago, in overturning another one of Zuma's NDPP appointment, that of Menzi Simelane, the Constitutional Court urged the President to consider all objective facts before making such an important appointment.

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  • Zimbabwe's NGO Sector Feels the Pinch

    Zimbabwe’s civil society organisations are reeling from the global financial crisis as donor aid slows down due to the country’s nagging political deadlock which has dragged on for years.

    The situation has also led to a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) reportedly scaling down operations because of lack of funding.

    The NGO sector is moving away from being a growing sector that is heavily involved in various activities, ranging from social justice, food aid, health services and education to providing water purification tablets during a severe cholera outbreak.

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  • Clinic Criticised After Babies’ Death

    Itireleng Clinic in Soweto has allegedly led to the death of one baby born in the parking lot, another at the clinic’s gate and a third due to a malfunctioning oxygen machine.

    These recent incidents among others have impelled the nursing union, Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa to call for the permanent closure of the clinic dubbed a ‘death trap.
    The death of Friday, 30 May 2014, of a baby was the last straw for the fed-up union, which says that the clinic is not suitable to offer health services.

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