• NGOs Blamed for Lacking Progress in AIDS Fight

    District AIDS coordinator for Nsanje in Malawi, has blamed lack of progress by numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the district on the stubbornness of communities to change.

    The District AIDS coordinator, Peter Mwakarawo, says HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the district will continue to grow at an increasing rate if communities are not ready to let go off harmful and risky cultural practices arguing the massage is being heard but not practiced by respective persons.

    Mwakarawo urged communities in the district to start practicing what they learn saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."

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  • Group Calls for Help in Anti-Whaling Fight

    Environmental organisation, Greenpeace, has asked the South African government to put pressure on African port cities not to accept a cargo ship from Iceland carrying 2 000 tons of endangered fin whale meat.
    The ship has skipped the port of Durban after a campaign to protest against whaling gained momentum.
    More than 21 000 South Africans joined Greenpeace in the last three days in its request to port authorities to deny entrance and service to the ship, Alma.
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  • Police: AIDS Project Pays Men to be Gay

    According to a newspaper report, Ugandan police are accusing a United States-funded AIDS project for paying young men to become homosexuals.

    The Daily Monitor quotes police as saying that the Walter Reed Project, which provides treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, had been ‘infiltrated’ by officers and was found to be recruiting gays.

    The statement further states that, “Police deployed crime intelligence officers to verify the claims, by infiltrating the project. Two officers undertook the assignment and were registered for training by the non-governmental organisation and found out that the trainees were being shown videos of men engaging in homosexual activity.”

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  • ANC Culprit in Voter Intimidation - Report

    The African National Congress (ANC) is the chief transgressor when it comes to perpetrating acts of intimidation against members and supporters of opposition political parties in the run-up to the May elections.

    A report by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE) paints a grim picture of politicians acting with impunity by manipulating voters and the electoral process to maintain their dominance.

    “During the research process it emerged that competition for votes involved not only intimidation, but also other forms of manipulation of the voters and the electoral process,” states the report.

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  • IEC Not Capable of Stopping Poll Abuse

    The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has been found to be woefully ill-prepared to stop intimidation of their rivals by members of political parties ahead of 7 May 2014 general election.

    A report by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE) has found that the IEC has no way of monitoring or curbing intimidation.

    The report is based on 24 ‘in-depth interviews’ with representatives of the African National Congress, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, Congress of the People, Inkatha Freedom Party, National Freedom Party, United Democratic Movement and the Workers' and Socialist Party.

    The report further states that the IEC routinely relies on election-time intimidation being reported to the police and not on intervention by itself.

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  • Call to Probe a Creche After Abuse

    Non-governmental organisation, Women and Men against Child Abuse (WMACA) has called for a full investigation into alleged child abuse taking place at a Rosettenville daycare centre in the south of Johannesburg.

    Video footage obtained by the Daily Sun depicting a 16-month-old toddler on a bathroom floor with her feet and wrists tied while struggling to get free, went viral on 8 April 2014.

    WMACA executive director, Miranda Jordan Friedmann, says the organisation is shocked and appalled by the footage, adding that, “We applaud the person who exposed the cruel abuse of the toddler.”

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  • NGO Condemns Girls Self-Boarding System

    Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE), a Malawian non-governmental organisation, has condemned the current girls self-boarding system taking place in many community day secondary schools in the country, saying the challenges they face as self-boarders negatively affect their learning ability.

    AYISE’s project manager for Mulanje, Christopher Misuku, points out  that the survey had revealed that the current girls' self-boarding system does not properly support the girls in their education due to lack of support and supervision from both education authorities and communities.

    Misuku states that most of the girls under self-boarding education face a lot of economic, security, health and social burdens that negatively affect their learning and most of them do not do well in their education.

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  • OUTA Calls on Govt to Listen to Critics

    The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) has once again pleaded with government to listen to ‘critics’ against e-tolling, in light of new information provided by a whistle blower on the user payment system.

    This, as the organisation awaits feedback from the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela’s office on a complaint it laid, following ‘damning’ information it received from a source within the system.

    The City Press reported on 30 March 2014 that an employee of Austrian Company Kapsch - used to design the e-toll system – had warned the South African National Roads Agency Ltd of the high risk in the implementation of a national roll-out.

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  • NGOs Decry SA’s Child Abuse 'Epidemic'

    Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working with women and children say child abuse has become an epidemic in the country, with one in four children becoming victims of abuse.

    Saartjie Baartman spokesperson, Shaheema McLeod, states that one of the problems that they have picked up in their areas is that there are little resources available for parents to take their kids for assistance.

    McLeod explains that, “…a lack of a political will to make resources available. There seems to be more violent acts committed against children, and parents need to keep in mind to put preventative measures in place.”

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  • Call for Transparency Over Party Funding

    The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says that a toxic blend of secret money and political influence is creating a ceremonial undermining of South Africa’s democracy.

    ISS senior researcher, Judith February, argues that there is no way of know when the corporate and private world are investing in political parties for favours because the country does not regulate private funding of political parties. 

    She is of the view that, “We have no way of knowing when private or corporate interests try to buy political favours in South Africa,” further stating the need for a legislation to enable transparency and prevent the potentially corrupting influence of secret money on politics and government.”

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