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  • NGO Urged JMPD to Comply With Law

    The Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) says that instead of condoning ‘abusive behaviour’ on the part of metro police officers, senior Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JPMD) official should ensure that officers comply with the law.

    JPSA national chairperson, Howard Dembovsky, urged JMPD management to adhere to its standing orders, and encourage officers to act like adults and responsible law enforcers, instead of thugs.

    Dembovsky was responding to Metro police Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar’s comments following a reported incident of ‘abuse’ perpetrated against Johannesburg motorist, Kady-Shay O’Bryan, by a JMPD officer.

    To read the article titled, “Metro Police called out on ‘thug’ behaviour,” click here.

    The Citizen
  • GMOs: The ‘Good and Bad’

    According to an article articled ‘The Good and Bad of Genetically Modified Organisms’ by Peter Sunday, the African Union a few months back called for an explanation regarding the good and the bad of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for Ugandans to decide which path to take.

    Sunday states that the debate  around GMOs comes at a time  when 400 African organisations representing small-scale farmers, faith-based organisations, social movements, non-governmental organisations, organic producers, consumers business people have signed an African civil society petition sent to African union denouncing GMOs on the basis of lack safety data on GMOs.

    He further states that major trading countries are involved in conflicts in relation to patent rights of the products produced, with others argues that GM corn can trigger health problems like allergies.

    To read the article titled, “The good and bad of Genetically Modified Organisms,” click here.

    New Vision
  • Ebola Moving Faster - MSF

    Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says the ebola crisis in West Africa is outstripping the ability of aid organisations to stem the epidemic.

    MSF head, Joanne Liu, likened the disease to a war, adding that “It is deteriorating faster, and moving faster, than we can respond to."

    Speaking after her return from a 10-day mission to the hard-hit region, Liu warned that, “"It's [ebola] moving, and advancing, but we have no clue how it's going. Like in a war time, we have a total collapse of infrastructure."

    To read the article titled, “MSF: Ebola moving faster than we can handle,” click here.

    News 24
  • Court Order to Keep Modise’s Livestock

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) says it has obtained a court order permitting them to keep animals belonging to National Council of Provinces (NCOP) chairperson, Thandi Modise.

    The move follows a report that Modise plans to approach the courts to compel the SPCA to return livestock impounded at her Potchefstroom farm last month.

    Inspector for the organisation Andries Venter says: “We have sent them communication [and] they are refusing to answer before we can hand over these animals back. We need a plan on how that farm will be run as well as who the culprits are that were supposed to be looking after these animals.”

    To read the article titled, “SPCA obtains court order to keep Modise’s animals,” click here.

    SABC News
  • Call to Counter Racism in South Africa

    The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation says more is needed to be done to counter racism in South Africa.

    In a press statement, following the publication of photographs of two white students from the University of Pretoria (UP) in domestic worker outfits and their faces smeared with brown paint, the organisation said it noted with concern the insensitive and racially stereotypical attitude displayed by the two students."

    The foundation’s director, Neeshan Balton, says that, "The foundation understands that while the two youth may have at the time been unaware of just how demeaning their actions were, it raises questions about their upbringings, their education and what they are taught at universities."

    To read the article titled, “More must be done to counter racism – foundation,” click here.

    News 24
  • R2K Files Urgent Application Over Tolls

    The Right2Know (R2K) says it has filed an urgent application to open up the court record on tolling in the Western Cape which South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) wants kept closed.

    R2K spokesperson, Alison Tilley, told the Cape Town Press Club that the organisation wants to make documents public that had been filed from the moment the city of Cape Town took SANRAL to court over the N1/N2 Winelands Toll Highway Project.

    SANRAL applied to the Western Cape High Court to prevent the city from filing its supplementary founding papers in an open court because of commercial confidentiality.

    To read an article titled, “R2K to file urgent application over tolls,” click here.

    SABC News
  • Judgment Reserved on Porn Channels

    The Western Cape High Court has reserved judgment on whether the decision to licence three porn pay channels should be reviewed.

    The Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA), Cause for Justice, and Doctors for Life argue on why the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) erred in licencing the channels.

    Digital Media (operating as Top TV and later StarSat) was granted three licences in April to broadcast Playboy TV, Desire TV, and Brazzers, subject to conditions.

    To read an article titled, “Judgment reserved on porn channels,” click here.

    IOL News
  • Call for SADC States to End Rights Violations

    Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch believe the Southern African Development Community (SADC) should address human rights violations among its member states as part of measures to improve the lives of its people.

    The three rights organisations draw attention to serious human rights concerns in Angola, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as the regional body prepares to host its 34th Summit of Heads of State and Government from 17-18 August 2014 in Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights director, Irene Petras, states that, "SADC's commitment to human rights will come into question if Zimbabwe, as chair of the regional body, does not expedite the process of aligning its laws with the constitution and state institutions do not live up to the regional and international best practices."

    To read an article titled, “SADC - Address members' rights issues - serious concerns in several member countries,” click here.

    All Africa
  • NGOs Moves Out, Sanitation Disaster Looms

    Disaster is looming for about 2 000 families that were displaced by floods in Tokwe-Murkosi area in Masvingo province after some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) recently moved out.
    Masvingo provincial administrator, Felix Chikovo, told the Provincial Development Council that if the situation is not urgently addressed they could face a sanitation disaster.
    Chikovo says people who will suffer most are those that are refusing to leave the temporary camp into the one hectare plots pegged by the Mwenezi district administration, adding that most of these NGOs were dealing with sanitation issues at the temporary camp.
    To read the article titled, “Sanitation disaster looms at Chingwizi as NGOs move out,” click here.

    All Africa
  • Fracking Debate Set to Take New Tone

    The Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG) would keep an open mind on claims that shale gas may prove a ‘game changer’ for the local economy.
    In a press statement, TKAG chief executive director, Jonathan Deal, says if the claims are correct, they could be validated by scientific investigation, and a thorough cost-benefit analysis in which science could inform policy.
    Deal states that the TKAG opposes licensing shale gas exploration, a process that involves hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking.
    To read the article titled, “Debate on fracking set to take on new tone,” click here.

    Fin 24
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