Sustainable NGOs: A Director’s Guide 2

Directors want to know what sustainability is, how to measure it, and who does what to get it. This article offers the shortest, clearest and simplest explanation of its mathematics and management possible today.

Errol Goetsch's second article informs you about everything you need to know to measure, monitor and manage sustainability follows below.

Errol Goetsch’s Director’s Guide to SEXI NGO’s (Sustainable, Excellent and Impactful)

Understanding sustainability:

It’s a number!

OLIVE OD&T Announces Closure

Barely more than a decade after its initial inception, OLIVE Organisational Development and Training (OD&T) has announced that it will cease operations at the end of August 2006. This news will come as a surprise to many people working in the local NGO and development sector, as there are very few local organisations that operate within the field of NGO capacity development.  

Those that do are highly valued for the unique and indigenous understanding they bring to organisational development, specifically within the South African civil society sector.

Guide to Urban Development NGOs in South Africa

Sustainable Human Settlements and Integrated Urban Development

Most South African urban development NGOs have their roots in this country's anti-apartheid struggle when urban townships represented the battlefields of the physical resistance against the apartheid regime.

In many instances these struggles were organized around rent boycotts and a refusal to pay for (inadequate) basic services in an effort to pressure the apartheid regime to transform its oppressive policies.

Building an SA NGO Wiki

The civil society sector encompasses a wide and diverse range of initiatives. Therefore, it often helps to develop an understanding of the vocabulary that pervades the sector and to establish whether a common set of definitions can be applied to the use of certain terminology.

This ensures that ideas and concepts are communicated clearly and within a common contextual framework and that any misunderstanding is removed, or at least reduced.

Social Software

Local Government Elections: A Civil Society Perspective

Dr. Rama Naidu of the Democracy Development Programme, an NGO that develops capacity in  governance for enhanced participation in democratic political processes, writes an opinion piece about the local government election.

His article speaks to controversial issues such as civil society's poor engagement with the political process, officials with zero accountability and the narrow perspectives of minorities.

The Local Government Context

Information Management and Information Technology Resources for NGOs

Having accurate, relevant and timely information is essential for any manager to make good decisions. But have you ever thought about how that information reaches you, or what happens to it after the decision is taken?  Information is an essential management resource, just like money or staff – and it’s therefore essential to pay attention to how you manage it!

Uniting the Voices of Grassroots Organisations

The Ikhala Trust is a development micro fund which established an office in 2002 as an attempt to ensure that resources, in all forms, are brought closer to the poor and marginalised of the Eastern Cape Province. The following stories highlight some of the community projects Ikhala supports and are an attempt to bring attention to the vast amounts of social capital invested in the province.

Buffalo Chillie Growers Association, East London


NGO Services

NGO Services
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