The State of ICTs in the South African NGO Sector

By Arthur Goldstuck : Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have always been portrayed as operating on a shoestring budget, and being stuck in the dark ages of telecommunications. The reality, however, is that NGOs are heavily focused on efficiency, and information and communications technologies make up a critical element of that efficiency.

Board Members: To Be or Not To Be Involved in Fundraising?

By Ann Bown : Yes, that is the question and the answer is a loud and resounding YES!  Board members must take an interest in the raising of money, resources and awareness for their non-profit organisation. 

With more than twenty years in the non-profit sector, I now know what makes fundraising successful, and it is not by seeking a quick fix or a Super-woman or man of fundraising to wave a magic wand with the words: abracadabra or simsalabim.

13 Steps to Develop a NGO Financial Sustainability Strategy

Frank Julie, independent development consultant, has compiled a comprehensive guide for developing a NGO financial sustainability strategy which includes the development of research and communication strategies, and the allocation and expenditure of budget for NGOs. 

1. Firstly, determine what your current budget of expenditure is, i.e. start with what you have. Break this down into:

The Lotteries and NonProfits

Since the last article on finding win-win alternatives for dealing with the NLDTF, we have received feedback from various sectors of civil society about how to proceed with the matter and while most of the responses have been positive, they have also highlighted the fact that there is a lack of understanding about how the various parts of the lottery puzzle actually fit together and the impact this has on civil society.

Launching an NGO in South Africa

The process of starting up and running an NGO can be a daunting task. Although many people launch NGOs with good intentions, very few see the task of meeting the organisation's mission to fruition. To help get you going and keep you on track, the Non-Profit Consortium (NPC) has published a booklet.

The NPC booklet acts as toolkit for ensuring that all the building blocks are in place for the development and sustainability of a non-profit organisation.

South African NGO Websites on the Internet

In the short-staffed multi-tasking world of the NGO, little attention is paid to the website. The average South African NGO website is an electronic version of the organisation’s promotional leaflets. A fact correlating closely with contemporary non-profit thinking on the purpose of websites. SANGONeT’s current poll asks NGOs what their websites are used for and marketing(!!!) comes out tops.

Participation in the Budget Process

A committed township advice office volunteer has recently landed a full time job at an NGO in the city.  She spends long hours in meetings at the office, reading important research reports, downloading documents off the internet to increase her knowledge so that she can improve her performance. Her priorities have shifted. This is not necessarily a negative thing.  She remains supportive of the advice office in principle but they only see her at the occasional fundraiser.

What are they doing to maintain her support and turn her into a resource?

NGOs as Innovators of Change?

The aim of the Planact conference was to think back about the 21 year evolution of this NGO that, at various moments in its history, boasted a staff complement of the brightest stars in the development sector (including some of the most progressive thinkers in the country), --- and the alumni were out in force to track their imprints on Planact’s reflective path forward.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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