Kenya Slammed Over Plan to Evict Slum Dwellers

An estimated 50 000 people who live alongside Kenya's railway lines could see their homes destroyed after the government railway gave the squatters 30 days to move, prompting residents to threaten to resist violently.

The government order has received sharp criticism from an international human rights group and from those affected, most of whom are slum dwellers in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

Service Delivery Protests: People Need Services

The ongoing service delivery protests paint a negative picture of South Africa locally and abroad. The protests leave one with an impression that government is failing to deliver basic services to the people, especially at the local government level. Voters want to see government living up to its election promises to improve their lives. Similarly, communities have the right to demand basic services from government.

Four Steps to Fortune: Developing Sustainable NGOs in South Africa

Increasingly, corporate and other funders are choosing to support NGOs that are striving to be self-sustaining by focusing on income generation as a core strategy, and not just an aside to their other activities. The reasons for this are complex, reflecting both the state of the world economy and a mindset shift amongst especially corporate funders, in which corporate social investment (CSI) is seen as just that – an investment, one which needs to deliver returns in the medium-to-long term.

World Orphan Week Introduced to SA

Swartz says in response to these statistics, SOS Children’s Villages has introduced the annual World Orphan Week (WOW) to South Africa to promote awareness about orphans and their plight.

“WOW is celebrated annually across five countries and we’re excited to introduce the concept of dressing up in something ‘wow’ to raise money for the children of South Africa. We’re expecting South Africans to embrace the concept as a unique way to raise funds while having lots of fun doing it,” explains Swartz.

South African NGO Web Awards 2009 - Entries Invited

Entries are now open for the South African NGO Web Awards 2009.

Organised by SANGONeT, and now in its fourth year, the competition aims to raise awareness about the benefits of having a web presence among South African NGOs, stimulate interest in the application of web solutions and applications, and showcase best practices and innovation in website use.

The closing date for applications is 21 September 2009.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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