Cultivating Change: Alternative Approaches for More Effective Social Impact

GIBS Network for Social Entrepreneurs in partnership with the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA), is conducting a one-day course entitled ‘Cultivating Change: Alternative Approaches for More Effective Social Impact’, on 20 July 2010 in Johannesburg.

Do you wonder why excellent ideas, planning, finance and resources still result in failed projects?
Do you struggle to understand why your “beneficiaries” aren’t as engaged as you had envisioned?
Are you looking for alternatives to conventional development projects?

Call to Investigate Moi’s Alleged Hate Speech

Kenya’s Multisectoral ‘Yes’ campaign committee says it has requested that country’s National Cohesion and Integration Commission to summon former president, Daniel Arab Moi, for questioning over remarks that they say, amount to hate speech.

Committee member, Njeri Kabeberi, says Moi allegedly incited the public in Aldai Constituency earlier this month against political leaders campaigning for the ‘Yes’ group, .

Kabeberi points out that Moi called such leaders in the 'Yes' campaign enemies of the people of Rift Valley.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation to Announce 2010 Winner

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation will announce the 2010 Ibrahim Prize winner for Achievement in African Leadership on 14 June.

The prize, sponsored by Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-born businessman, is the largest individual annual award in the world and is worth US$5 million and gives the winner US$200 000 a year for life.

A further US$200 000 a year, for ten years, is also available for public interest activities and good causes espoused by the winner.

Marketing for NGOs - Strategies and Tips

Valued by think-tank sustainAbility at more than US$1trillion per year globally, the not-for-profit sector is big business with a fluffy, feel-good exterior.

Yet, it is seldom commended for great communication or its ability to market and brand itself. Watched by ever vigilant financial eyes, who guarantee that rands, cents, pounds and dollars are spent to the benefit of others, marketing is seldom seen as a Good Samaritan spend.

Yet, there is a strong argument for the third sector to invest smartly in good communications.

NGOs Told to Stop Criticising Governments

Zambian President, Rupiah Banda, has warned the NGOs in Africa to desist from ‘unnecessarily criticising governments’ arguing that such manoeuvres are retrogressive to economic development.

Speaking during a panel discussion titled ‘Africa: Towards One Voice?’ at the World Economic Forum in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, President Banda said it is retrogressive for Africa that numerous NGOs are at all times attacking serving heads of state.

Half of South Africans Live in Poverty

About half of South Africa's population is living in poverty, a problem that is not going to be solved overnight. This is according to the Department of Social Development deputy director-general, Selwyn Jehoma.

Jehoma points out that the poverty situation in the country is ‘very significant’ and most people believed it will take about a generation to solve.

He says it has been estimated - depending on what measure was used - that about 50 percent of the South African population was poor.

NGO Closes Down Due to Lack of Funding

A Ugandan NGO that has been spearheading the campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) in Sebei and Karamoja has suspended activities, citing lack of funding.

The Reproductive Education and Community Health, executive director, Beatrice Chelengat, says the organisation has not received funds from that country’s government and donors since the beginning of the year, despite the numerous pledges.

NGO Worker Detained in Tanzania

Humanitarian aid group, Oxfam GB, has expressed its deep concern over detention of its staff member and local partners in Ngorongoro, Tanzania, calling the government to thoroughly investigate the incident.

The organisation’s country director in Tanzania, Justin Morgan, says the detention of its workers is against the right of citizens to have a voice, and for that voice to be heard, which is an integral part of democratic society.

NGOs Raise Concerns Over Social Assistance Bill

The Department of Social Development has tabled an amendment to the Social Assistance Act that CSOs believe may worsen the department's enormous backlog in responding to grant appeals.

The Social Assistance Bill, which was introduced by social development minister, Edna Molewa, last month, defines the term ‘disability’ and attempts to further regulate eligibility for disability grants.


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