CSOs to Interact With SADC Leaders

CSOs in the Southern African region are preparing to decisively interact with leaders that will meet at a Namibian-hosted Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State Summit, taking place from 15-16 August 2010.

The Sixth SADC Civil Society Forum will focus on among other issues, the global financial crisis and its impact on the region's economy and trade issues and the climate change.

NGO Urges MDC to Pull Out of Unity Govt

Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Alliance has urged the country’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, to pull out of the government of national unity to prevent his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) from becoming irrelevant.

The organisation’s head, Lovemore Madhuku, told delegates to a conference held by rights group Zimbabwe Democracy Now at the University of the Witwatersrand that the MDC could lose credibility and support if it does not act soon.

SANEF Criticises the New Secret Bill

The South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) has warned that a new version of the Protection of Information Bill before Parliament is more restrictive in terms of handling of State information than the previous proposed law.

SANEF deputy chairperson, Henry Jeffreys, says that at the time of the withdrawal, it was pledged that ‘a large amount of work’ will be done to improve the bill, but that this is not reflected in the new draft.

Centre for Social Impact: Results-Based Project Management - Master Class

NGO's, Municipalities (Local Government) and National Government look for funding and donors look for impact. The link between the two is Results-Based Project Management. To win support, projects must show qualitative impact that donors can quantify – simply stating the aims (no matter how noble) or listing some outputs (no matter how popular) is not enough. For most organisations seeking funding, these donor demands require new skills and tools.

Call for 15 Percentage of Budget on Health

Save the Children UK (Liberia) has called on African governments to send at least 15 percent of their national budget on health in order to meet the target they set in 2015.

In a statement under the signature of Sarthak Pal Deputy, director programmes Save the Children Liberia Programme the Day of the African Child marks the start of a 100-day global period of action that has the potential to prevent millions of children’s deaths.

Zim Postpone Bail Application of Rights Activist

The bail application for detained Zimbabwean human rights defender, Farai Maguwu, has been postponed until 21 June - the same day the Zimbabwe government is to attend a meeting of the Kimberly Process (KP) in Israel to discuss its trade in so-called ‘blood diamonds’.

Maguwu, director of the Centre for Research and Development, has been monitoring alleged human rights abuses in the Marange diamond fields by Zimbabwean soldiers.

HRW Calls to Halt Zim Diamond Trade

The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) says its researchers have found evidence of forced labour, torture, beatings and harassment by troops in the Marange diamond field in eastern Zimbabwe.

In a press statement, the organisation has called for the country to be suspended from the Kimberley Process - the global body responsible for ending the trade of so-called ‘blood diamonds’ that fund fighting across Africa.


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