Call for Early Marriages to be Criminalised

Zambia’s first lady, Christine Kaseba, calls for the introduction of a new law to criminalise perpetrators of early marriages to help curb the vice.

Kaseba states that criminalising the act is the only sure way of fighting early marriages to ensure the protection of the girl-child as well as seeing a reduction in such practices.

She stresses that stiffer penalties need to be established to reduce the current percentage of girls being married off before the age of 17.

Child Marriage Remains Rife in Mozambique

Albino Francisco, a national coalition to end child marriage in Mozambique representative, has told delegates at a psychosocial forum that more than half a million Mozambican women between the ages of 20 and 24 years old got married before the age of 18.

Speaking at the three-day long forum held in Zimbabwe, hosted by the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative, Francisco stated that these statistics are from an analysis of the latest health surveys (in 2011), census projections and governmental administrative data.

Families South Africa: National Fundraiser / Marketer

The Families South Africa (FAMSA) is a nonprofit organisation that supports individuals, families, organisations, communities and society to build, restore and sustain functional relationships. FAMSA’s mission is to preserve the family with preventive and remedial services which build on existing strengths in individuals, couples, groups and communities, and enables people to deal with modern day stressors and issues that threaten family life.
FAMSA seeks to appoint a National Fundraiser / Marketer, based at its National Directorate in Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Zuma Started Key Debate, Says SAIRR

The South Africa Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) says that President Jacob Zuma’s controversial statement on women has raised hackles - and not just among feminists.

SAIRR research manager, Lucy Holborn, points out that, “Regardless of the president’s views on women, the issue he has raised of the prevalence of dysfunctional families is an important one and needs more attention.”

Holborn’s comments follow Zuma’s disapproval of women remaining single, and also that having children is ‘training’ for women.

Activists Slam Zuma’s Comments About Women

Gender Links has lashed out at President Jacob Zuma for saying it is not good for women to be single, the Mail&Guardian website reported on Wednesday.

Gender Links CEO, Colleen Lowe Morna, points out that, "It's unfortunate that these comments get made during women's month."

Speaking about his daughter, Duduzile’s marriage on SABC3’s People of the South, Zuma was quoted as saying that:

NGOs Find Tanzania’s Marriage Laws Wanting

A partnership of 56 NGOs, known as the Tanzania Gender in Education Initiative (TGEI), recently met to brainstorm on the rights of girls and women in a bid to contribute recommendations to the new constitution.

The organisation, which is committed towards narrowing the gender gap in primary and secondary education by 2015, observed that various parts of the law need fine tuning.

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