Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a manual that aims to give learners new insight and tools to lead their organisations more effectively and develop better relations with employees and partners. Produced by the National Minority AIDS Council, the manual is based on the premise that a community's capacity to effectively coordinate HIV/AIDS efforts depends on skilled leadership. The manual focuses leadership, personal leadership styles, creating empowering climates and creating a vision.

Founder’s Syndrome: Leadership Lost and Found

Founder’s Syndrome (FS) is not unique to the nonprofit sector. In fact it exists in the business world and many other sectors including sports clubs, professional associations and even in political circles. This syndrome can be identified in a church choir or a multi-billion rand corporation. It is everywhere! Transitional leadership is difficult and fraught with challenges and this is often exacerbated by ‘founders’ who will not let go of what is perceived to be their ‘baby’.

NGO Leadership Challenges: Creating a Space for Reflection

NGO leaders face extraordinary challenges which are very distinct from those faced by leaders in government and the private sector. They often function in isolated and unsupported circumstances, and are faced with a set of complex and interrelated challenges relating to NGOs’ social change mission, increased pressure for accountability and transparency, the need for unquestioned integrity and to maximise limited resources, and the ability to network and position their organisations in an uncertain external and political environment.

Getting Your Board on Board

Developing your board, or effective governance as it is commonly known, is a challenge for many NPO’s in the African context. Wherever I go, it is more the exception than the rule to find a well governed organisation. There are many reasons why we grapple with board development. One reason I believe is because we do not have a tradition of effective governance in the African context born out of our concrete realities on the ground.

NGO CEO Summit

The NGO environment in South Africa continues to be characterised by various strategic changes that impact on the state and well-being of the NGO sector. The closure and collapse of key NGOs as a result of increased competition for funding and related opportunities, changing donor and programme priorities and high turnover of senior staff are some of the key issues facing the sector.

Sustainable NGOs: A Director’s Guide 2

Directors want to know what sustainability is, how to measure it, and who does what to get it. This article offers the shortest, clearest and simplest explanation of its mathematics and management possible today.

Errol Goetsch's second article informs you about everything you need to know to measure, monitor and manage sustainability follows below.

Errol Goetsch’s Director’s Guide to SEXI NGO’s (Sustainable, Excellent and Impactful)

Understanding sustainability:

It’s a number!

NGO CEO Circle Launched

In a joint venture between SANGONeT and Project Literacy, Friday 24 Feb 2006 witnessed the launch of the Gauteng based CEO Circle.

The aim of the CEO Circle is to create a platform for discussion within the leadership of the NGO sector encouraging networking, collaboration and peer support. An important objective of the forum is to create a safe space for decision makers to discuss common institutional and strategic development issues, creating the opportunity to highlight problems and share solutions.


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