Govt Pledges Farms to Community, Co-ops

North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo’s pledge to allocate all state-owned farms in the province to community and youth cooperatives has been greeted favourably, but details on how this will be implemented are sketchy.

In his state of the province address, Mahumapelo stated: “Government will provide seeds and implements, and ensure that state hospitals procure all their required supplies from these cooperatives.”

His spokesperson, Sam Mokaila, says that all young people and women who are organised under properly registered cooperatives will benefit from this initiative.

SA Farmers Working to Avoid Labour Laws

Reports have found that, agriculture in South Africa is doing well, however, South African farmers are working to avoid labour legislation such as land claims and higher minimum wages for farmworkers.

As an indication of the health of agriculture, four state-of-the-art tractors, each costing R4.5 million, were sold on the first two days of the agricultural show, held from 13-16 May 2014.

NGO: Malawi Women Have No Land Rights

Malawi’s Nsanje Kuchene Women Forum has said despite women being the major agricultural producers in the country, they remain largely absent at all levels of policy-making, project formulation and management of land.
The forum's president, Mary Namalomba, notes that under Malawi's formal law, women and men have the right to own land, individually or jointly with others, and the Constitution prohibits gender discrimination.

Solutions to Valuations Irregularities in PLK

The South African Property Owners' Association (SAPOA) is taking a proactive and long-term view on tackling key property-related challenges in the City of Polokwane.

Municipal relations is a key plank in SAPOA's mandate from the commercial and industrial property industry, and SAPOA is keenly aware that the effectiveness of municipalities across South Africa requires commitment from both the public and private sectors.

TZ Government Urged to Empower Paralegals

The Miono Entrepreneurs Development Corporation, SHIMAWAMI, has urged the Tanzanian government to make deliberate moves to empower village paralegal officers if it seriously wants to address the increasing number of land conflicts countrywide.

The Miono Entrepreneurs Development Corporation, SHIMAWAMI, coordinator, Daudi Mwemkulo, the organisation, conducted a three-day capacity building training, to empower the village paralegal officers with needed skills to enable them assist their fellow villagers.

The SERSA Programme Report

The Foundation for Human Rights (the Foundation) is a grant-making institution. It supports civil society organisations in South Africa implementing programmes that promote and protect human rights. The Foundation's mission is to address the historical legacy of apartheid, to promote and advance transformation and to build a human rights culture, using the Constitution as a tool.

​Farm Co-ownership Pilot Project in KZN

One of the first pilot projects that will see workers and farm owners become co-owners of a farming enterprise as part of government's 50/50 land policy was officially launched in KwaZulu-Natal.

The pilot project was unveiled at the Westcliffe Farm near Greytown outside Pietermaritzburg.

Former owner Andrew Braithwaite‚ who will now be co-owning a new farm called Khamanzi Farming Project‚ says land is a very emotional topic in South Africa “and we’ve been shown how not to deal with it by our northern neighbour” - in reference to Zimbabwe’s chaotic land reform system.

​Land Claims Open to 2019 – Govt

Sunday, 19 June 2016, marks 103 years since the enactment of the 1913 Natives Land Active and Act‚ the implementation of which “instigated a long and devastating history of forced removals and evictions of Africans from their ancestral lands.”

According to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform ‚ while the Act was repealed‚ its legacy‚ remains visible in the “skewed land ownership patterns that still exist in South Africa.”

Farmers Agree to Share Farms With Workers

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister, Senzeni Zokwana, says after heated debates, there's now a buy in from farmers in the proposal that they share their farms with workers.
Speaking during a discussion on the African National Congress’ Rural Development and Land Reform discussion document, Zokwana says farmers have come up with their own proposals that they believe will work.

Zambian Citizens Pay the Price for Mining Expansion

Northwest Zambian senior chief, Musele, has sold a tract of land to a foreign firm for a new copper mine, and leaves hundreds of families displaced.
Seke Mwansakombe, one of the displaced women, explains to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, that, they had vast land and could do anything, but are now are confined to 40 by 40 metre plots restricting their movements as certain areas are now no-go areas.


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