Software Apps for Farmers Recognised

The increasing use of software applications (widely known as Apps) in solving Africans' problems has been highlighted by the three winning entries of the Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge contest.

The regional competition encourages participants to address local climate change challenges through the development of web-based and mobile applications in the East African region.

SA Top Tweeters in Africa – Research

A new study has found that South Africa tweets the most on the African continent with over five million messages sent in the last three months of 2011.

Analysis of over 11.5 million geo-located tweets originating on the continent and a survey of 500 of Africa's most active tweeters, shows that the next most active country is Kenya (2 476 800).

Google Puts Small Businesses Online

Google, Vodacom and the Department of Trade and Industry have joined forces in a project that aims to place 10 000 small and medium businesses on the Internet for free.

Launched in Pretoria this week, the initiative provides a boost to the government’s efforts to reduce unemployment by encouraging entrepreneurs to start new businesses, as outlined in the New Growth Path, which aims to create five million jobs between 2011 and 2020.

Another Broadband for Africa in 2012

France Telecom says a fibre-optic cable from France to South Africa will go online in the second half of 2012, bringing high-speed internet links to a host of west African countries.

In a press statement, France Telecom, which heads the 17-member consortium running the project, says the 17 000km underwater Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) cable was originally due to become operational in early 2012.

Creating Elastic Classrooms to Bridge the Digital Divide

As the Internet has developed, especially with social media and cloud computing, it has become possible to supercharge education with web-based platforms that create ‘elastic classrooms’. This creates the ideal environment to take specialised skills development into communities previously without access to this kind of information. The GROW Academy has partnered with GetSmarter, and has begun facilitating the Internet Super User Course for GROW Academy students.

Donors Cut Off Funds to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks, whose spectacular publication of classified data shook the world and exposed the inner workings of international diplomacy, might be weeks away from collapse, according to its leader.

WikiLeaks leader, Julian Assange, says that as an emergency measure, they will cease what he called ‘publication operations’ to focus its energy on fundraising.

Though its leaks spread outrage and embarrassment across military and diplomatic circles, WikiLeaks' inability to overturn the block on donations imposed by American financial companies might prove its undoing.

Southern Africa: We Must Protect Women from Cyber Violence

Most people see Facebook as a fun way to chat with friends, post pictures and keep up with news. Social networking has become such a large part of our lives it sometimes seems it has always been around. However, it is a relatively new phenomenon and one women need to be cautious about, especially new, young and inexperienced users.

Pledge to Provide Broadband Access

Minister of Communications, Roy Padayachie, says the government's pledge to provide broadband access for all South Africans will be like a blood transfusion into the economy.

The Department of Communications recently set itself the ambitious target of creating a million jobs in the information and communication technology sector by 2020, along with broadband access for all.

Padayachie says that the department wants to provide broadband to the homes of all South Africans, adding that a minimum connection speed of 1Mbps is desirable.

The Department of Communications, South Africa, With the Endorsement of the Southern African Development Community Will Host the Inaugural Southern African Internet Governance Forum

The SAIGF is jointly convened by the NEPAD Agency, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the Southern Africa NGO Network (SANGONeT).

The key outcomes of the forum will be the establishment of a framework for the Southern African Internet Governance Forum
 (SAIGF) and the articulation of a regional position for the Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), taking place from 27-30 September 2011 in Nairobi.

ANC Regime Equal to Apartheid – WikiLeaks

The African National Congress (ANC) is seen as slipping away from democratic practices reminiscent of the regime it fought to overthrow, especially in its handling of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), according to a United States diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks. .
It says the ANC, which led South Africa out of apartheid had by 2010, slipped into anti-democratic practices reminiscent of the regime it fought to overthrow.


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