Fibre-Optic Cables for Cape Town

Cape Town is well on its way to becoming the silicon hub of Africa with several private companies and the council installing hundreds of kilometres of fibre-optic cables. This is according to the city’s deputy mayor and mayco member for finance, Ian Neilson.

Neilson points out that apart from attracting foreign investment the city, fibre-optic cables will bring with major economic and social benefits for the city.

Uncapped Wireless Broadband Services for SA

Internet services provider, MWeb, has announced that it has launched uncapped wireless broadband services.

The company says it has rolled out a next-generation WiMAX network and is ready to provide customers 4Mbps uncapped connections without the need for ADSL lines.

In a press statement, it says it has already built base stations covering Sandton, Boksburg, Isando (Kempton Park) and Midrand in Johannesburg, along with N1 City and the Cape Town CBD in Cape Town.

South African NGO Websites on the Internet

In the short-staffed multi-tasking world of the NGO, little attention is paid to the website. The average South African NGO website is an electronic version of the organisation’s promotional leaflets. A fact correlating closely with contemporary non-profit thinking on the purpose of websites. SANGONeT’s current poll asks NGOs what their websites are used for and marketing(!!!) comes out tops.

Information Management and Information Technology Resources for NGOs

Having accurate, relevant and timely information is essential for any manager to make good decisions. But have you ever thought about how that information reaches you, or what happens to it after the decision is taken?  Information is an essential management resource, just like money or staff – and it’s therefore essential to pay attention to how you manage it!


NGO Services

NGO Services
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