From the Mouths of ‘Non-Incentivisers’

In recent days there has been a big stir about the political stint of Helen Zille’s “take an HIV test and win big money.” An article published on 28 November 2011 lamented an opinion where politicians, when it comes to the issue of AIDS, have fallen short. Earning brownie points in the political arena, the article laments, has become more important to politicians than finding a solution to our current trajectory of HIV/AIDS.

Over 760 000 Tested for HIV at New Start Centres

Reputed to be South Africa's largest NGO HIV counselling and testing (HCT) network, New Start, has continued to make significant strides in the country's HCT efforts, with more than 760 000 having received HCT services at its centres around the country since the programme was launched in 2004.
Scott Billy, the country director of Society for Family Health, which runs the New Start programme, points out that the organisation is proud of the contribution that it has been making in HIV counselling and testing.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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