​Moz CSOs to Embark on Protests

Eleven Mozambican civil society organisations have announced their intention to hold a peaceful march through the streets of central Maputo on 18 June 2016, in protest against the current political and military situation in the country.

The organisers say that the march, under the theme ‘For the Right to Hope’ is being held because of “the situation the country is going through, particularly in the politico-military sphere, with a generalised impact on the circulation of people and goods throughout our territory, damaging the living conditions of the population.”

​NGOs Must Adhere to Guiding Principles

Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Edwin Batshu, has called upon the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Council to adhere to its guiding principles for it to be effective.

Speaking at the National Fund for Civil Society Validation meeting in Gaborone, Minister Batshu, says the NGO Council Policy called for effective participation of all members.

The minister further says the policy also called for an independent NGO, one which did not rely on government for support.

​Asylum Seeks Allege SA Secretly Deport Them

Asylum seekers The Citizen spoke to say it seems to be up to your luck if you get asked to go to the ‘deportation room’.

According to two Malawian brothers who have been living in South Africa for more than 10 years, the Department of Home Affairs is ‘randomly deporting’ Malawians and Zimbabweans, and perhaps people of other nationalities too.

Andy (not his real name), a qualified electrical technician, who  is now living in South Africa as an undocumented migrant, says he will rather take his chances with getting arrested.

​Tanzania Bans Meeting in Privately-Run Establishments

Slightly over six months after the new government came to power, hotel businesses fashioned to host conferences have sounded an alarm of hardship in doing business.

This follows the government order banning ministries, government departments and agencies (MDAs) holding conferences and other meetings in privately-run establishments.

President John Magufuli ordered, instead, the use of ministries' boardrooms and publicly owned facilities as part of instituting financial discipline and cutting costs of running the government.

ISS Calls for Regular Crime Statistics

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says having regular crime stats will help develop more crime reduction strategies.

ISS Researcher, Johan Burger, says releasing crime statistics more regularly with have an impact on crime trends.

Burger is of the view that the benefit of having more regular stats release is that it tells you on a regular basis what the situation is, whether your crime is going up or coming down.

Swiss Battle to Return Africa's Stolen Loot


It irritates Valentin Zellweger that ‘no longer than six minutes into any James Bond movie, a sleazy Swiss banker still appears.’

He’s probably referring especially to Mr Lachaise, the nasty Swiss banker and financier of terrorists and crooks in ‘The World is Not Enough’. At one point Lachaise says to Bond, ‘I’m just trying to return the money to its rightful owner’. To which Bond replies: ‘And we know how hard that is for a Swiss banker’.

​NGO Board’s Policy Formulation Process Challenged

Lilongwe-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have teamed up to challenge the policy formulation process which NGO Board of Malawi is undertaking.

Some of the NGOs and their executive directors appearing on the list of signatories include; Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, Gift Trapence of CEDEP, Amon Lukhele of OSF, Peter John of SYAMA, Rev MacDonald Sembereka, and Richard Yohane of RISE.

South African Warned Over NHI Policy



Doctors' organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have warned that South Africa could face a mass exodus of doctors if the National Health Insurance (NHI) policy is implemented in its present format.

They have also warned about the cost, saying how it will be funded has not been made clear.

They were responding to the Health Department's white paper on the NHI - intended to bridge the gap between private and public healthcare.

Call for Child Protection to be a Year-Long Commitment

The Department of Social Development says it is working on making child protection a year-long commitment.

The department’s director-general, Connie Nxumalo, points out that children need to be protected as they are the future of any country.

Government and civil society say they plan to spend the next seven days – during the Child Protection Week to pay attention to some of the difficult issues faced by South Africa's youth.

Zimbabwe Grants Amnesty to Female, Youth Prisoners

According to a Zimbabwean pro-democracy non-governmental organisation, "... There has been an upsurge of intra-party violence within ZANU PF as President Robert Mugabe's loyalists bay for the blood of his perceived opponents.

The NGO, which fears recent remarks by the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, could further worsen the situation, stated that Zimbabwe has a holding capacity of 17 000, but has been holding over 19 900 prisoners.

The organisation believes that the pardon will go a long way in helping to provide better conditions for the inmates that remain incarcerated.


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