Civil Society Partnership with the NDA

One astonishing outcome of the “Partnerships” Poverty Conference, was that not a single NGO raised any questions and concerns about the National Development Agency’s (NDAs) poor track record of governance and accountability.

The National Poverty Conference was co-hosted by SANGONeT and the NDA and took place on Tuesday, 17 October 2006, under the banner "Partnerships for Development - A Strategic Mechanism for Accelerated Progress towards the Eradication of Poverty in South Africa"

NGO CEO Circle Launched

In a joint venture between SANGONeT and Project Literacy, Friday 24 Feb 2006 witnessed the launch of the Gauteng based CEO Circle.

The aim of the CEO Circle is to create a platform for discussion within the leadership of the NGO sector encouraging networking, collaboration and peer support. An important objective of the forum is to create a safe space for decision makers to discuss common institutional and strategic development issues, creating the opportunity to highlight problems and share solutions.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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