NGO Criticises Govt’s Approach to Disability

The South African National Council for the Blind (SACB) says approximately 7.5 percent of South Africans are disabled and visual impairment is still the most prevalent disability.

Now a report titled ‘Left in the Dark’ has been released by SECTION27, a public interest law centre that seeks to influence, develop and use the law to protect human rights, details the failure to provide access quality education to blind and partially sighted learners in South Africa.

Journos Warned Against Russia’s Nuclear PR Machine

The World Wide Fund (WWF) says that South African journalists accepting tours of nuclear power facilities in Russia should be careful not to publish advertorials.

Russia’s state atomic energy corporation Rosatom has sponsored various media tours in 2015 of its nuclear power stations, manufacturing factories and university programmes in Russia.

Saliem Fakir, head of policy and futures unit at the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa, argues that journalists should study the facts more carefully before publishing biased viewpoints.

UN Warns Against Cutting Development Aid

The United Nation (UN) Chief has warned against proposed cuts in development assistance from some of the world’s wealthiest countries primarily over the refugee crisis facing large parts of Europe.

Ban Ki-moon called for enhanced international development assistance as the world builds towards realising the post-2015 development agenda.

As countries in Europe grapple with an unrelenting migration and refugee crisis, concerns from the UN that monies for long-standing development initiatives will dry up.

NGOs Criticise Govt Over NPRC

Civil society organisations have blasted the Zimbabwean government for its snail pace in the operationalisation of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC), which they say is critical for lasting peace, stability and economic development of the country.

Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum director, Lloyd Kuvheya, says civic organisations are worried about the government’s reluctance to operationalise the critical organ two years after the adoption of the new Constitution.

NGOs Urged to Deal With Corruption First

Zimbabwe’s local government minister, Saviour Kasukuwe, says civil society activists have no business in auditing national programmes such as the youth fund because no one audit NGOs when they loot donor funds.

Kasukuwere was heading the indigenisation ministry in 2009 when government, with the assistance of Old Mutual, disbursed US$11 million for youths' projects which 97 percent of the beneficiaries failed to repay.

Minister Acknowledges Role of NGOs

Zambia’s Minister of Community Development, Emerine Kabanshi, says civil society has an important role to play in the government’s national development agenda.
Kabanshi says non-governmental organisations (NGOs) complement government’s efforts in improving the quality of the lives of Zambians.

Angola’s Rights Record Under Spotlight

According to Anita Powell, pressure is mounting on Angola, a Southern African Development Community member-state, over its human rights record.
The European Parliament recently weighed in on what activists say is a deteriorating human rights situation and is demanding the immediate release of dissidents who they say were arrested for political reasons.

Botswana Commended Over Asylum Seekers

A group of Botswana non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have commended the government for declaring that a group of Eritrean soccer players seeking political asylum in the country should go through the normal application process.
In a joint press statement, the NGOs pointed out that they are convinced that the Botswana government is committed to international, regional and national human rights standards in accordance with the country’s membership of the African Union and the United Nations.

SA’s ICC Stance Disappoints SALC

International Criminal Justice Lawyer at the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC), Angela Mudukuti, says the African National Congress’ (ANC) stance on the International Criminal Court (ICC) is unfortunate.
Mudukuti says there have been complaints about how to reform the ICC, but adds: “We can only reform the ICC from within, withdrawing from the ICC won’t fix the problem.”
She expressed the SALC’s disappointment with the ANC’s response and that “the South African government and the ANC should be in ICC to fight impunity and to protect human rights.”


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