Gender discrimination

Africa: International Conference on African Same-Sex Sexualities and Gender Diversity

The mission of this conference is to identify and celebrate indigenous and evolving male, female and/or gender variant same-sex sexual practices, identities and communities, including expressions of gender diversity, and to promote their social acceptance and their physical and social well-being.

SA Ought to Look at Power When it Comes to Prejudice About Gender and Sexuality

It is high time South Africa overhauled its rigid and prejudiced stereotyping of gender and sexuality.

We remain a deeply divided and prejudiced society. Growing poverty and structural inequality, coupled with a violent intolerance of difference, is a lethal cocktail for all those perceived as other.

The ‘othering’ of divergent genders and sexualities plays out in homes, institutions, the media and in the fabric of society. Gender and sexuality are primarily constructed in dichotomies: male-female, man-woman and gay-straight.

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