Malnutrition Compromise Africa’s Growth

African leaders and development officials say that poorly-fed children rob Africa of up to 16 percent of its potential growth, making investment in programmes to end malnutrition as critical to the continent's future as building bridges and roads.
According to World Bank and United Nations reports, almost half all child deaths in Africa are caused by inadequate food and it is the underlying cause of many diseases, yet approaches to tackling health and child nutrition are disjointed and uncoordinated, limiting their impact.

Africa Loses Billions in Plundered Resources

Clamping down on illicit plundering of food and natural resources could curb Africa's food shortages, says the latest Africa Progress Panel report.

The reports states that Africa’s forests and fisheries, which could be an answer to the continent’s food shortages and dire poverty levels, are instead being stripped illicitly to the tune of almost US$20 billion each year.

When added to the losses the continent is experiencing as a result of other illicit outflows, US$50-billion is lost overall each year, or 5.7 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP).

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