The Cost of Being Too Frugal

In Nonprofits: We Must Break Out of the Scrappiness Cycle, Vu Le talks about the extremely frugal nature of most nonprofits. “We are always scrimping, trying to find the best deals, trying to get stuff discounted or preferably free. …  It has become a mind-set that is ingrained in all of us. It is our donors’ money! We must save! We must be responsible!”

And while this is true, there are times when frugality actually costs the organisation.

Creating and Leading a Great Fundraising Organisation

Do you work or serve on the board of a Great Fundraising Organisation? Not any great fundraising organisation… but a Great Fundraising Organisation.

For the purpose of the academic study, “The Great Fundraising Report,” Profs. Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang from the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth, defined Great Fundraising Organisations as those charities, NGOs and non-profits that:

NMF Helping Zulu Family in Tanzania

The Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) says arrangements are being made to bring Gugu Zulu’s body back to South Africa after the racing driver died on Mount Kilimanjaro.

In a press statement, NMF spokesperson, Neeran Naidoo, says that other members of the climbing team are due to return to South Africa.

Zulu died on Monday, 18 July 2016, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Letshego and project leader Richard Mabaso.

Meanwhile, the foundation says it does not know the cause of Zulu’s death, only that he suffered breathing problems.

Communicating in the CSI Space

In 2014/15, corporate contributions to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) increased to R8.2 billion – up from R2 billion just over a decade ago. This shows not only the commitment of corporates to the socio-economic development of the country, but that that there still remains much to be done in meeting the challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment in South Africa.

2016 - Time to Recalibrate, Think!

The nonprofit sector is claiming it is entering another funding crisis yet not defining the root cause or coming up with a plan B or C. A business term for defining a crisis is: “A critical event or point of decision that, if not handled in an appropriate manner (or if not handled at all) may turn into a disaster or catastrophe.”

Tshikululu Social Investments: CSI Practitioner

Tshikululu Social Investments NPC is South Africa’s premier social investment agency, managing social investment funds for large and medium-sized businesses, charitable and philanthropic trusts and broad based community development trusts. Tshikululu works in the fields of education, health, social development, and enterprise development.

Tshikululu Social Investments seeks to appoint a CSI Practitioner, based in Johannesburg.

A Matter of Trust

A case study of the Children’s Hospital Trust’s fundraising success
The Children’s Hospital Trust (the Trust) is widely considered to be one of the most successful fundraising organisations in South Africa, having raised over R420 million for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape since its inception in 1994.

Fundraising Bitcoin by Bit

Few years ago I was in the boardroom of a renowned international nonprofit organisation in Johannesburg for an interview. I was asked to suggest an innovative fundraising campaign and I proposed raising digital currency as a new strategy. I did not get the job.

Based on values or achievements, the word ‘success’ holds different meanings to different people and organisations. And, as we know it, values are at the heart of charity and nonprofit operations.

Arts and Culture Trust: Administrator

The Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) is South Africa’s premier independent arts and culture funding and development agency that attracts and provides funding for the sustainable development and growth of the arts, culture and heritage in South Africa, actualised through mutually beneficial partnerships between the corporate, public and cultural sectors, focused on making a positive difference to the lives of all South Africans.

ACT seeks to appoint an energetic and dynamic full-time Administrator, based in Johannesburg.

Starting date: 1 August 2015.



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