Funding for Health Innovation: How Does South Africa Measure Up?

Innovators, policymakers, and investors gathered in Johannesburg last month for the South Africa Innovation Summit and after this, it is worth asking, are we as a nation doing enough to finance health innovation and technology? South Africa faces many challenges when it comes to the health of our people. As South African Minster of Health Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi said, “We must markedly reduce this burden of disease because it is too high a burden for the nation to carry.” It is encouraging to see South Africa raising its game to advance home-grown solutions for the challenges we face.

Power Africa Commitments Finalised

More than US$1 billion in debt and financing commitments from United States (US) agencies and private investors is set to be announced for President Barack Obama's signature Africa energy initiative, Power Africa.

According to a United States Agency for International Development’s top official, Gayle Smith, the latest deals were finalised around a US-Africa business forum on the sidelines of annual United Nations meetings in New York.

Malawi NGOs Fail Accountability Test

As non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Malawi fail to account for 90 percent of donor aid in the 2015/2016 financial year, social commentator has said the development is worrisome considering that international donors thought non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were better devils in financial management after government proved to be a leaking basket of fraudulent payouts dubbed Cashgate.

Chulu Discusses ‘Brexit’ and ‘Zimexit II’

According to Brett Chulu, the immediate impact of Brexit has come by way of the depreciation of the British pound (GBP) against the dollar.

Chulu argues that most local projects funded by the Department for International Development Fund (DFID), the agency of the United Kingdom government that manages development aid, are budgeted in the GBP currency.

Operationally, local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) use the United States dollar, adding that the GBP has been one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Moz Requests Financial Assistance from IMF

Mozambique has requested financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the first time in a decade.

An IMF delegation visited Mozambique from 14-28 October 2015, to complete discussions towards the completion of the fifth review under the three-year Policy Support Instrument (PSI) approved in June 2013 and to reach understandings on a new programme to be supported under the IMF's Stand-by Credit Facility.

Crunch Time for NGOs Focusing on AIDS

7 September 2015 was the deadline for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in 26 health districts to submit their plans for the closure or alternative funding of their projects to the Department of Health and United States government officials.
The US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which uses money from United States taxpayers, will stop funding local NGOs working in areas in which only six percent or less of South Africa's HIV cases live.

Transparency, the Missing Link in Political Party Funding

Political parties are vulnerable to corruption. This is not news. It’s not even particularly useful knowledge in itself - in fact the cynicism it can perpetuate can be dangerous. What would perhaps take us forward would be finding a way to dismantle citizen mistrust and construct political party systems that are proactively fair and accountable rather than reactive to scandal.

NLC Invites Applications for Funding

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is calling on nonprofit organisations, non-government organisations, public benefit trusts, schools and communities to apply for funding.

NLC commissioner, Charlotte Mampane, points out that, “This call is the second of three annual calls that will be made to the public to apply for funding in the current financial year.”

While the NLC will in future implement proactive funding to qualifying beneficiaries, Mampane says the NLC will continue to disburse funds primarily through open calls to the public, such as this one.

Collaboration, Innovation, Development and Sustainability Major Issues for NGOs

What are the future financial and funding models for non-government organisations (NGOs)? That was the question asked at the Kagiso Trust (the Trust) community engagement workshop and panel discussion held at the University of Johannesburg - Soweto Campus on 16 April 2015.


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