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The civil society sector encompasses a wide and diverse range of initiatives. Therefore, it often helps to develop an understanding of the vocabulary that pervades the sector and to establish whether a common set of definitions can be applied to the use of certain terminology.

This ensures that ideas and concepts are communicated clearly and within a common contextual framework and that any misunderstanding is removed, or at least reduced.

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Uniting the Voices of Grassroots Organisations

The Ikhala Trust is a development micro fund which established an office in 2002 as an attempt to ensure that resources, in all forms, are brought closer to the poor and marginalised of the Eastern Cape Province. The following stories highlight some of the community projects Ikhala supports and are an attempt to bring attention to the vast amounts of social capital invested in the province.

Buffalo Chillie Growers Association, East London

The Politics of Decentralisation and Donor Funding in South Africa’s Rural Water Sector

Extract from the Paper

Decentralisation is an inherently political process. Political and socio-economic actors favour it because it is seen to advance their interests. But the interests of the various social groups in society differ quite dramatically. Societal interest groups concerned with poverty and economic inequalities advocate decentralisation because it is seen to bring development closer to the people, promote participatory approaches, and consolidate democracy.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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