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S Sudan, Worst Food Crisis in the World - UN

The United Nations (UN) Security Council is calling for urgent funding to step up deliveries of desperately-needed aid as South Sudan's food crisis is now the worst in the world. 

The agency says that approximately 3.9 million people - a staggering one in three people throughout the country - are going hungry as fighting continues in that country.

The UN Security Council describes a “catastrophic food insecurity situation in South Sudan that is now the worst in the world” saying the country is on the threshold of a full-blown famine if fighting continues. 

Mugabe Urged to Stop Starving People

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission chairperson, Elasto Mugwadi, hit the nail on the head when he reported that ZANU-PF is using relief aid, especially food, as a campaign tool by denying it to opposition party members ahead of the crucial 2018 elections.
According to a NewsDay reader, Pardon Maguta, as usual, President Robert Mugabe sprung into action during the ZANU-PF central committee meeting this month in defence of the perpetrators.

Government Turns to NGOs for Food Aid

The ZANU-PF led government has made a volt-face and extended a begging bowl to non-government organisations (NGOs) to assist in mobilising food aid amid reports that hunger has stalked most parts of the country.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister, Mwandiitawepi Chimene, told stakeholders during an interactive meeting in Mutare recently that the government has realised that NGOs play a pivotal role in improving standards of living especially in rural communities.

Millions in Need of Food Assistance

Malawi’s government along with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and other partners launched a relief operation to meet the rise in Malawi's food needs following the bad weather during the growing season and high food prices.
WFP is preparing to scale up its relief operations according to the precise degree of the need, which will only become clear after a Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee assessment update.

WC Food Aid Strategy Criticised

If you are able-bodied, unemployed and between 18 and 40, you might be required to do a bit of work to be able to benefit from a food aid handout, according to the Department of Social Development in the Western Cape.

Social Development MEC, Albert Fritz, states that the change in policy came about because previous attempts at addressing hunger across the province had been ineffective, and in many instances the aid never reached its intended recipients.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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